Call Centre , BPO , KPO ???? Prep Resources

Please help me to know what is the difference between
call center , BPO , KPO (k=knowledge).
What are the chances of growth in KPO which deals with IP ( Intellectual property) rights?
Is it really upcoming feild? Excluding Evalue serve are there any more companies?
what cud ...
And just to add one more thing...ITS NOT AN EASY JOB!!!!! believe me....just joined a pretty reputed concern to get extra cash(planning to get an electric guitar )will probably quit at the end of the month ,got to look at how they work....

It's not very easy,seriously,humans can be very cruel at times,words are mightier than the sword people insult you,your family,your country( A LOT!):wow: ...and you can even shout back!!!! if you do you lose your job.They talk in soo many different accents,you gotta kiss a**...and the timings on top of that..calls go on for more tha 1 hour...If your in microsoft tech supp

One thing is your lifestyle completely changes,cause you get to do much during the day...and you cant sleep at nights,cause you get soo used to the work timings...

The employees are mostly transient,Less than 50% of the employees join bpos as their first choice,mnost of them join to get quick cash,the others join while their looking for another job... But one thing I learnt out of this one month experience,patience and control,I'm a guy who usually shouts his head of and tries to be as fast as possible,and one more thing it teaches you to do is to look at the problem to be solved and not how irate the person maybe,and it helps you talk to people....
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wakka ? who?
let me know if I can help.
Hi wakka,
Man u don't seem to be accessing your mails..i must have sent a couple on moth ur ids..i need info regarding kpo man..kindly reply to my query..
meri ghaltee. I think I got confused by
and i want to stick on for atleast 2yrs as the first yr wud be just training and v shall be
economically productive only in the next yr.
McK is a great brand to work for ... and the pay is decent (the market average for a fresher). But the quest...
i am sorry i think u got me wrong i wont be working for peanuts they r payin me 17k for the first 6mnths and then 20k,so i will be paid in my training 2.
so does it look gud now
Are you kidding me...ask the HR for a JD.. if the McK is not paying you in the first year ask them to shove it.
McK is a good brand but do not ; repeat do not work for anyone on a honorarium at the start of your careeer.
Lastly; are you sailing the CAT and the GMAT boat... have you written ...
hy harhg
thankx for replying ,
i do not have to sign ne bond,i would be joining as a junior information analyst,
and i want to stick on for atleast 2yrs as the first yr wud be just training and v shall be
economically productive only in the next yr.my packet wud be 17000 for the firs...
If you are yet to graduate then joining McK is a good option...the question which you need to ask is "weather you would want to quit McK within the next one year if you join it today"?
please do elaborate about your JD--and confirm the heirarchy in Line of Business you would...
i am a commerce graduate(from this may) i have got into mckinsey's kpo .
is it the right career step as i have two wait for 2yrs more to apply for my mba if i go hru this.
H'lo Mohit.
you will need to elaborate the job profile ... and post all questions about the career at http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/career...xperience.html (BPO/call centre experience:)... this place is meant for the discussion on the preparation.
hi guys
i hve a question ?? can any bdy tell me that if smeone doing job in techinal brach of bpo(wipro) is his/her work ex count in industry
great thread here... people please look into the career forum and visit the call centre BPO thread and post
The next buzzword is RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing... as reported in a recent issue of ET...
Though the 'buzzword' is new, AFAIK many companies have been into this since long - IBM is an example..
Originally Posted by nitin06
I am final yr. mechanical engg. student. I have got placed in Wipro BPO Solutions as Tech. Support Associate through Campus Placements. As i'm from mechanical branch i'm very confused about the future prospects. Would the BPO experience be considered in CAT, other ...
some articles on KPO
It is all a matter of personal decision.
If one has done enough self analysis and knows if he/she can take both Call center job's odd working hours etc..... and the prep for AT , hand in hand then he/she shud go ahead with taking up the job..........
but remmber one thing, keep in mind the ...
guys even i had an interview cal 4m wipro spectramind..
but dint gave a shot..
cos i feel, it wont add any value..
its better i prepare hardcore 4 cat2k5 and get above 99%ile 2 gaurantee a seat in one iim atleast..
thats d onlly way u can get it, if u have my profile..
plus d wierd...
gotcha... thanks alot :)
it's one of the things i strongly feel about...
here in delhi i've seen quite a few people drop out of college for it.
but having said that, i've also seen a guy who has no qulifications to speak of and works in a call center to support their family. His father p...
nice work...
but posted in wrong section...
should have posted it in "Chit-Chat" section of the forum...
just wait till the mods move the thread to that section....