Bank PO/Clerk Interview Questions and Experience Prep Resources

Hi Frendz...
I am starting this thread to Post the questions and experience of Interviews of bank po or clerk if u have any or from any other source like ur frends or from internet.
Plz dont use this thread as a chat corner, as it is made exclusively for Interview prepration,and i wanna make it a resource for interview prep.
I need ur support to make this thread suppotable for aspirants(seniors plz help).:cheerio::cheerio:
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  • mohit266

    my score is 84, cut off is 67 – assam gen what are my chnce in clerk intrvws ?also i hv 2 yrsgap before 12th, but all through 1st class.will gap create prblm ?i m b.tech-2012 plz reply

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    still dont get nything n now even dey postpond d date of joining form 4th juy to 11th july............
    plzzzzzzzz rply on this.......
    hoga Addy...zaroor hoga....
    wat d u think selection hona chahiye ya nahi. dat's why I have posted d interview 2 learn & gain some knowledge for d future.
    wat d u just make out of all dis..!
    BTW final results r not declared yet..!
    Hi,I am new to this thread,anybody knows when will IDBI assistant managers final results come?will they eliminate after medical examination?
    yaar Addy have you got selected in that bank?
    Hi, everybody for d very first time after so many failures (I have stop counting now).
    Im getting dis opportunity 2 post my first interview experience ever.
    yaha itne sare mahan logon ke bich is prani ki ye bhait swakir karein abhi clerk ka hai age aap sab logon ke ashirwad se PO mai bhi n...
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    not yet .. but expecting it today .. !
    when we can expect the results of sbi clerical interviews....(associate)
    do any1 get allahabad bank posting letter ......
    waiting for pnb result...does anyone having any idea?
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    allahabad bank result out
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    I don't think anyone's against recruiting engineers...the no. of engineers applying for these psu jobs is a lot..so they cant afford to not recruit them.
    n u r saying that wtever we learned during our grad is of least importance, well thats not true either. i hav no experience, but am an econo...
    Same questions in every interview but what's d sure shot answer for dese:
    Q.1 Why do u want 2 join banks ?( u can add as u r highly qualified n case of clerical interview)
    Q.2 R u READY 2 work in rural areas?
    Ans. YES I'm Just DYING for getting dis opportunity
    Q.3 How vl u handle cus...
    when will sbi clerk interview result will come
    i guess you wont stop arguing... u will find one or the other issues to talk about to make yourself happy by thinking that u are winning... though whatever you said are totally correct... but if you come down to ranking... the latest survey tells a different story nowdays.... i am feeling sick o...
    correct, i was just talking in terms of ranking given by India today, i very well know all institute spread knowledge, and top NIT may not be appropriate term, but if rankings are to be believed my institute becomes the most preferred destination, both for students and Recruiters btw K V Kama...
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    sry for spam
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    and one more thing @ceoglad, there is nothing called "a top NIT"..... each and every NIT is a class on its own.... and each of them are of national importance....
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    Tell this to those who are against recruiting engineers in PSU jobs.... PSU job exams are open competition where no specific subject is mentioned... and i never belittled anybody's qualification... whatever i have said, was only to potray what other people harbours for us engineers in a competiti...
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