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Hello Junta... :)
Hope u all had a great festival & now, its time to get back to those books!!! I have been getting a few anxious mails regarding Statement of Purpose - the hows/ the whats... Ya... have been kinda helping some ppl... but I thought there would be lots of ppl who would want ...
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Sorry, but the intro is just not gelling into one story. By the time i read this para, shouldn't i be getting to a point? maybe i am dense, but what do i infer from all this? Plus, it has no connection with the 2nd para
sorry, it can't give you either business knowledge OR exposure.
this i...
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Dude, put in some honest effort first. Atleast write your SOP using c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e words/sentences. If you wish to use SMS lingo in your SOP, which is your own right, don't expect people to put in effort for you
Which is really neither here or there. Are you sure you want to write this? If absolutely so, go ahead. Maybe there is a point here that i am missing
same as before
two or three observations
1. Its unbelievably large and unwieldy para & most of the times, you are belaboring the point.
1. Depends on how the SOP has been written/drafted
2. Yes, they are permitted. Any form of SOP is permitted as long as its written down
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@ quintEssence kindly review my sop n let me knw whr i ned 2 improv...
which begets the question , why shift? lets see if the subsequent para answers that.
The question in para 1 remains unanswered. This is just a restatement of what one can reasonably infer from P1
why the heck would anyone want you to drive/synchronise them anywhere? If they are your career ...
Hi Reviewers!!
I have changed the service sop on the pointers made by quint...plz take a look lemme know what improvements can be made...
For the last 1 and 1/2 years I am part of the IT services sector with IBM. I have performed technical activities and also mentored ...
My first eva stint at writing a SOP..
focused more on facts and real life expernces..hop it helps..
An excellent academic record combined wth gud inter persnl skils -wel,dats exctly wat ma 20 yrs of edu n 2 yrs of wrk at one of inida's top most sw cmpnies has gvn me.havng had d oportunity ...
Hi SOP Reviewers!
I've tried to make changes as per QuintEssence comments.
Plz go through the rephrased SOP:
Critics argue over Managers are born or they are made. In my opinion a person who has the inherent qualities, further polished by the education or experience has the potential to ...
Thank you so much for the review....will make the changes and get back asap.....
do quotations before the essays add value to the sop? and r they permitted i mean the quotations???
Hi !!
Here is my SOP for FMS.. Plzzzz help me out ..
Here it goes...
Having done my B.E in Industrial Engineering and Management(IEM) and now with a work experience of around one and a half years in the Software development centre of UK's no.1 Retail Giant Tesco,I believe this is the r...
good intro! atleast, it tells the panel right off what you want to do in life. nice ! i like it ;)
Gimme somewhere to nitpick! i hope you are as confident about these topics as you sound in the SOP. this is a sure-shot invitation for the panel to start grilling you on anything related to finan...
Atleast attribute it to poor old Aristotle
now thats a nice introduction. Compact and succint. good show! just mind the grammar a bit, willya ? But yes, which competencies are we talking about? team chemistry & organizing skills, according to you. that's it ? surely, the world is bigger than t...
first up! word limit is your headache, not mine. i'll review, not redraft!
well, well! you mean successful managers come only out of B-schools! boy, are you in for trouble!
And college ? work?
fair enough!
whats the connection between your QA scores and interpersonal skills! hello!
Very opinionated way to begin a SOP, won't you agree ? Suppose some panelist becomes fixated on this...then what happens? be prepared to defend your views at length.
interesting! now why would anyone want to make you the CEO of their organization? What skills do you have and which ones do you ...
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Tru fakt! how does it fit in with the rest of the SOP, i wonder!
what is a technical year? And excuse me, who are you? i don't see a line about you/your personality/etc in the first two paras about you.
looks like half a hack job from the site and a half-baked career plan at best. As you've...
Hi quintesscence can you please give me a feedback on this sop..
I developed an avid interest in finance right from my engineering days. Following financial markets passionately became a habit for me and as I gained more knowledge about other financial products like futures and options, my fas...
Hi all, Please review my SOP.
Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. Throughout my school and college I have balanced a good academic record along with diverse extracurricular activities, which enthused in me persistence and zeal to excel. Having had four eventful years in a NIT...
After going through this useful thread, here's my SOP:
Critics argue over Managers are born or they are made. I think a successful Manager is the one who has the inherent qualities, further polished by the best B-school.
Since my childhood my leadership qualities have been acknowledged as ...