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Hello Junta... :)
Hope u all had a great festival & now, its time to get back to those books!!! I have been getting a few anxious mails regarding Statement of Purpose - the hows/ the whats... Ya... have been kinda helping some ppl... but I thought there would be lots of ppl who would want ...
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€œI skate to where the pluck is going to be, not where it has been €?, quotes by Ice Hockey Player, Wayne Gretzky. I can connect to this quote as I have the hunger to start something new and fresh and be a pioneer of my dream. I can see myself coming up with new Business ideas and implementing it in the due course of years ahead. For that I think an MBA degree will help me reach my dream as it will equip me with a better sense of understanding of the business and will get me in a better position to weigh the pros and cons before starting my business venture. I will also be looking for more industry exposure after my MBA from NMIMS, so that I can implement the learning of curriculum and gain business experience.

I come across as an innate leader, when from early age I captained the cricket team at district level and ahead in career showed skills to manage people in my college and workplace through the responsibility trusted on me. Being the Head of Operations in College and getting rewarded for my work in office as Project Star, only bolstered my confidence to continue working harder and contribute more to the organization I have been associated with.

NMIMS emerges as my first choice B-school; its experienced faculty, prodigious alumni and close corporate liaison, provides a wide array of learning opportunities, and would equip me with knowledge, skills and exposure to realize my full potential thereby significantly contributing towards the achievement of my career and personal goals.

Thoughts welcome.:)

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    Hi guys , This is my draft SOP for IIMB .. please review this and let me know if this is okay (Prepare a short essay of 600 words on yourself in the space provided below. You may wish to talk about your background, significant events, accomplishments, experience at your workplace, extracurricula...
    ntgnitish last few lines seem to be copied from the previous SOP's .... 29 Jan.
    writing an SoP for NMIMS..a doubt.. all that they mentioned is a 'duly filled-in Statement of Purpose'...So apart from my aspirations..strengths..n how they match with mba... dii need to mention anything else?P.S. m a fresher with average adads..so i wouldn't want to go there unless necessa...
    pantheonsuave Make it compact.Write in all what you want them to talk a.... 31 Jan.
    Here is my SOPHailing from a modest rural family background, I very early realized the importance of having Dream and efforts needed to pursue it. More over efforts made by my parent to educate me instilled a sense of responsibility and prompted an urge to succeed.Academically, I have always be...
    prem3865 this SOP for which college and which course ? . 27 Jan.
    santu1121 very neatly described............ excellent. :) . 27 Jan.
    Here's my SoP,
    €œTake up one idea. Make that one idea your life €? remarked Swami Vivekananda. These quotes truly symbolize my beliefs in the power of ideas. Coming from an engineering background I have always been fascinated by the application of ideas to the betterment of our lives . My lo...
    ThankYou “Small opportunities are often the beginning of great ent.... 25 Jan.
    cricaddict “Small opportunities are often the beginning of great ent.... 26 Jan.
    So many queries but no one to respond ??
    akashno.1 What queries?. 22 Jan.
    When is the last date to apply for jamnalal bajaj ?? pls send the link to its form!
    jai.tuteja Can we apply for jamnalal bajar through CAT score?? what .... 20 Jan.
    sanyammittal2002 I had the same doubt. Apparently the forms are available .... 29 Jan.
    What is the cut off for IIT Bombay (MBA) - Shailesh J. Mehta School of management?
    jacks_jills ur IIT-B CALL is confirm. 17 Jan.
    saurav.kgp Yes.. IIM B gives a lot of weightage to your acads..so, w.... 18 Jan.
    hi everyone, im currently working with my dad and helping him with his business.. and i've been told that it would reflect negatively on my profile. I want to pursue mba so that i could get a good exposure and end up expanding his business; im not interested in the placements of these b-schools. ...
    sanyammittal2002 Yeah. There is nothing wrong in mentioning that you want .... 29 Jan.
    FMS applicants, have you sent/hand-delivered the acknowledgement form yet?
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    xlf3n going in an hr!. 13 Jan.
    how big a deal is it if ur FMS Sop crosses 150 words..say 230...!!
    vivek231 nope. 11 Jan.
    singh21 @vivek231 thank you so much dost . 11 Jan.
    Yaar koi toh review karo
    My life's ship took a different turn when I attended an orientation of Youth for Seva and started volunteering with Sewa Bharti and later on did an internship with them. Many people pursuing an MBA will enter traditional business careers but I want to become manageria...
    myoutlook. yup i thought so what aboutthe kik and stuff u on something. 10 Jan.
    myoutlook. mukharjee nagar is it u r in?. 10 Jan.
    please review my FMS sop.Any additions are welcome.please help
    As an engineering student, right from the start, my primary aim was to equip myself with all the technical skills to excel in the engineering discipline. After having done that, the next step for me was to make career in my area of...
    nuon let's hope for the best.. :) :p . 09 Jan.
    gauravshah222 @nuon Constructive correction :) ... I think flow coul.... 25 Jan.
    Hi puys, please review the following SOP with 250 words approx.:
    Reaching a saturation point in my career, I would like improve my skills and expand my horizon as a manager and a successful entrepreneur. I started working soon after I completed my schooling in order help my father. While pursu...
    Darth_vader7 Umm..who said that? It can be around 300 words.. 31 Jan.
    dusaj26 though i m no expert but your openin line "saturation poi.... 03 Feb.
    hello Guys, I have written my sop after reading more than 50 sops , finally realise that i have to write it myself in my way. Please review it. Suggest me if there is any grammatical correction or better sentence formation..
    175 words..I am an engineer from xxxx and working with xxxx for past ...
    review i am trying to write an sop this isn't the fnal one please add some point if u want toGrowing up watching successful business men int he front of those business magazines i always dreamt of being an business men but to be an businessmen there certain qualities that need to be learned,those...
    I dont want to continue working in IT (have around 2.6 years exp)... is it fine if i leave the job and work for an NGO ... will it hamper my selection chances during the interview ?
    swagat.sid If you can justify it then no!. 08 Jan.
    bak1605 Apart from IT, whateva other profession you do, it will b.... 08 Jan.
    Hi Anybody filled SRCC form ? How to address that type of questions ?
    simrantia were does dis qs come?. 14 Jan.
    pagal.gal haiiinnjii ? :mg: . 14 Jan.
    puys i am a fresher and in deep need of your comments in my FMS SOP. plz share your thoughts
    The idea of entering the management field originated during the last two years of my engineering. My participation in engineering three vehicles made me realize how interesting the management field c...
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    vivek231 are u writing in hand or typing. 07 Jan.
    johnybravo911 @vivek231 in writing.. . 08 Jan.
    why so many people here begin their FMS SOP with some quotes or great sayings? does it really make an impact?
    swagat.sid That all depends on your interview luck, if the interview.... 07 Jan.
    Pagal @johnybravo911 for many SOPs, it results from copy-paste.... 08 Jan.