Any Soft Copy of Sectional Tests Available Prep Resources

i appeared for cat last year but managed 94.4 only.
i want some practise tests for this year CAT.
Does anybody have any soft copies rite now.
please provide a link for it.
Also, whch books should i buy if i want to practice for CAT this year.
I have gone through the basics a...
u will find a link at TIME site itself:-)
Both the papers and the answers are posted there.....

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hi jugnoo
where can i get the answer key for TIME model papers published in The Hindu?pls help me out..
hey could plz tell where u have posted 2 test paper...
Hi guys,
i have posted a Cat-simulator in the exam resources thread.
It consists of 2 CAT tests.
It may help U.
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Hey, it would be very helpful.
My email id is
hi pheonixash
pls. mail them to me
my id is
There is a thread on TIME official materials being pblished in thhe HINDU newspaper down south.
you may access the websites here http://www.time4education.com/Hindu_EP_CAT_Papers.asp
hey there.. I have a few papers available... PM me ur email id.
hi quint essence
for a start post the 2002 stuff if possible for the benifit of all
if possible mail me at >
Also can u give a comprehensive list of practice books to practice from for cat.
that would be very helpful.
Only if the instt. gives you permission to share those papers. If they charged you for the CD, chances are they aren't gonna like you sharing them for free.
infact a particular coaching insti actually releases CD's with the papers in the scanned pdf format. mebbe these are what the original poster is looking for.
lemme see if i can upload that stuff..the only problem is that i have CAT/other exams 2002 stuff.
yaar then tell me the books from which i can practice
I believe as of yet, no instt offers their tests in a softcopy format..though that might change in a couple of weeks