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HI Puys,
We all have numerous website offering advice abt how to perform well in GD and PI... now that CAT exam is over and SNAP will be done tomorrow, why don't we try something like mock GD.. I mean, lets come up with hot topics of 2011 - current affairs.. I invite everyone to come up with...
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One of the current threads - http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/prep-resources/75440-2011-12-gdpi-helpline-nitie.html
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can you do one favour to me please post link of other related thread..as there are very thread so its very hard to find out ...
Please go through this thread and other related threads.
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hey m new to dis site...can anyone tell me...how to prepare for Gd/Pi ....plz throw sum light on gd Topics nd recent current affairs...
Sorry for the late reply. But then we are having our exams.
Six Sigma - It is concept of quality. It has to do with a bit of statistics and the normal curve but basically when you achieve 3.4 defects per million or less then you have achieved six sigma quality.
JIT- It is a concept of inve...
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please give some highlights about the union budget as how it is beneficial and what are the flaws...tried to understand but cudnt..
thank u
Still grappling with the crisis.
What did Europe do to overcome the crisis?
hey m new to dis site...can anyone tell me...how to prepare for Gd/Pi ....
@organizedchaos -
Can u please explain six sigma, just in time and fish bone diagram (preferably in layman's language)?
hello sir..could u plz suggest some valid points abt rail budget which is going to make any difference.
UNION Budget 2012-2013
Can someone please share their perspectives about the above mentioned?
Credit Default Swaps did not have anything to do with worsening the Greek crisis. CDS can be used as a hedging instrument for investors who were holding Greek debts. As I had mentioned in my session, most American Banks are in trouble because they are holding a huge amount of CDS and no...
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please explain how did CDS worsen the situation in greece..
I have sent you a PM.
Please check.
Am sorry I did not get them.
Hello Shovik Sir,
I have mailed you a few PI questions and their answers.
Please check it once and let me if any corrections are needed.
Please help.
Nilesh Sinha
Just to add to that. I will answer 2 pertinent questions.
1. Lehman Bros are investment banks. And we know IBs are not in the business of giving loans and taking deposits. So how did they get affected ?
- The loans were given away by the banks. The banks then sold the 'rights' to these l...
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These links might be of some help!
BBC NEWS Business The US sub-prime crisis in graphics
A Simple Explanation of the Subprime Crisis Part 1 - InformedTrades
Also can try explaining it in a simple way.
1. Sub prime lending means lending money to people with high credit risk. To compe...
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Hi Shovik
Can u give us a brief understanding of the subprime crisis...
Tried to Google and it and read some articles but couldn't get it