[2012-2013] Official GK Thread for MBA entrance Exams Prep Resources

In the recent years, General Knowledge & Awareness has become an integral part of most B-School entrance examinations. In the years to come, too, several schools are considering including GK as a criterion for selection - after all it is something every Manager is expected to have.
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@priyankacharak: No its not that easy. It involves a bigger picture like if Japan concedes to the demands of China and gives away Senakaku islands then China's influence in the China sea will grow which the Lord (read US) doesn't want. This will be bad for India as well as China is weaving a stri...
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John-Galt : thanks.. i knew only about Diaoyu in China...
and now what is the fate of the agreement...any final conclusion drawn?
@priyankacharak: These are the two name for now: Diaoyu in China and Senkaku in Japan. It might increase also if Philippines and some other countries claim it as theirs after they discover that there lies a copious amount of Petroleum and give their names to the very Island.
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Q.There is a dispute between Japan and China over a group of Islands..What is the name of that group of Islands?
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Looks like this time even XAT has GK along with the essay section so we need to really be good at GK this yr !
@shikha1311 Hey did u get GK handouts of CL/Time?
Another great link : http://www.onlinegkguide.com/
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good to see you back in action! :)sorry for spam!
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Hi! this is great link :
some links for the kind of GK to be done...
OA set xyz
1 Geneva2 Crude petroleum3 Dr. Reddy's Laboratories4 Astana5 Tony Blair 6 an International human rights organisation7 McSwirl8 The General Assembly on the recommendations of the Security Council.9 Devanagri
10 France
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Got all correct except question number 7..
what is the answer ...plz tell..
set xyz
1) The H.Q. of ILO is located at
(a) Geneva (b) The Hague (c) New York (d) Rome
2) The commodity for which India spends the largest amount to import is
(a) Iron and steel (b) foodgrains (c) crude petroleum (d) fertilizers
3) Name the second biggest Indian drug f...
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It's September end now and how come GK Thread is so dead ! Lets catch the pace.
I will be posting from today onwards all about GK, current affairs.
Current Affairs is the most important part in GK section....
This is important link from where you can access various departments and mini...
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First of all i appreciate everybody for their efforts.Secondly please help and provide some inputs for TISS related GK preparation.
in that case Kudos to you for pick pocketing from different places
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they are not from one particular blog/site...merged from different sources...(you can always google for current affairs..there are many blogs n sites)
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@lopagargg : Good work buddy... I think it would be great if u can share the source of these questions (if any site or blog), so that we puys can directly browse through it on day to day basis.
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