[2012-2013] Official GK Thread for MBA entrance Exams Prep Resources

In the recent years, General Knowledge & Awareness has become an integral part of most B-School entrance examinations. In the years to come, too, several schools are considering including GK as a criterion for selection - after all it is something every Manager is expected to have.
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Hi everyone,Please continue here.http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/xat-snap-iift-and-others/2013-2014-official-gk-slash-t-96685/p-3625588
All the best for 2013-14 season :D
@deepu Saar: Please close this thread :)
PFA the pdf file for Current affairs quiz published in Feb on Current affairs business news site... Will be Useful for IBPS CWE exam preparation...
pdf file
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PFA the Quiz published on Current affairs business news in Jan... Should be helpful for all...
pdf file
anyone can plz tell me where to find current affairs related to environment and forestry
It is nice and I found an interesting source for daily gk and latest current affairs
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@vitsmayank I think sujarit mishra but its a wild guess
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control yaar...
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@vitsmayank WHO IS DIRECTOR OF IIFT???????
puys, use this thread to share your experiences of CMAT...
Balesh Kumar
PUys ,
WHO IS THE DIRECTOR OF ENFORCEMENT DIRECTORATE?I am unable to get answer of this....
google of cors!!!
Hi i am in great confusion i am referring MANORAMA buk for GK,the height value of certain monuments in this buk is not matching to the height value on google.Please tell me which is authentic????????????????
@UnCharismatic read "War and peace" by tolstoy , "Atlas shrugged" and "The fountainhead" by rand,
scroll down towards thee end.. Its there at the end of the page...
@70291testengine m not able to get the fdi list taht u hav compiled...plz help
Reading newspaper in general helps a lot. And Hindu is very good.
Novels will still remain subject to ur area of interest
The economist is an excellent tool for improving your comprehension skills.. try to read 2 articles a day.. It helped me a lot
Exhaustive List of Winners at Grammy's
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