[2012-2013] GD Topics - Current affairs Prep Resources

Hellos puys.

I know this is a bit early to start this thread for GD topics etc.
But once we start discussing topics here, it would be easy in later stages to come here and find all information at a single place.

As it is a common trend, the GD topics come mostly out of current affairs.

So please continue in this thread for discussion of all the current affairs and happenings which you all think might become an important topic in b-school group discussions etc.

here's the link to previous year's thread.


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    I'll post a series of post with all these information & hope will help you.
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    i do feel that fdi would be helpful in india because of the emerging jobs with that...please aware me with the worse effects of fdi....
    @dark-phoenix i also wanted to know about these topics...please help....
    @lihs.niaj91 he was the activist only who lead many improving strategies for india also he left his job to start the awareness programs but now as corruption has penetrated deep in our politics,he has entered politics for the politician and i really wished for such an party in our democratic indi...
    Arvind kejriwal : a politician or a activist ???
    give ur view...
    Perhaps @raghav507 would be kind enough to help us???
    I Commend u for your bravery in admitting what you dont know. I feel a lot of people (self included) would benifit if somebody pointed in the right direction for a database of this knowledge, among other things that one should be aware of....
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    Sorry for deviating from the purpose of this thread.....
    Let me face it, I am pathetic in general knowledge and current affairs, I mean really pathetic. Now that my cat is over and I have done well (I know 'doing well' is subjective) I have a lot of ground to cover, I mean serious work to be p...
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    I have organised a mock GD for me and few of my friends, all are welcome to join by calling in
    Date: 6 Nov, 2012
    Time: 9 Pm (Sharp) (Duration of 30 minutes, 5 minutes organisation and general chit chat, 15 minutes GD, 10 minutes analysis)
    Access no.: www.sabsebolo.com/site/access_...
    See, all those hue and cry about FDI in Retail, is Misplaced. I get it that Some Indian Vendors will be affected, bu the one who will benefit the most will be the Aam Aadmi of this country. Now, Some people will say that the Reduced prices will inevitably lead to reduction in quality, but they a...
    Nice going over FDI. Its really informative.What i would like to add here is why common man is misguided by the politicians? Every party knows that it is a key to improve GDP growth. And above all its helping in generating new jobs and strengthening country's infrastructure. BJP doesn't want it ...
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    FDI in retail might increase the overall national income but the key question here is "will FDI in retail help the common man of our country". Lets see..
    It will certainly create lots of new jobs both directly and indirectly in related sectors like logistics, farms etc . And as far as local u...
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    Gangs of Wasseypur enlightened us on how the coal industry in India changed since Britishers left till Coal India was established. In between there were all kinds of traders and locals selling this coal in the market and generating I-don't-know how much black money. I wonder, if CAG scam worth la...
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    @[139293:raghav507] yes definitely it will affect our economy, as we can see our economy is downgraded by standards and poor and other rating agencies ,it has created a negative impact especially on FII's.
    I think main reason for this downfall in numbers is because of the lack of the consensus...
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    "FDI in Retail" a real HOT topic in India & in the galleries of Parliament. Many great oppurtunity will emerge if it happens - new jobs options for youth & many more, more options for consumer, variety in products, international products available @ doorsteps, better service & value for money aga...
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    My views in this regards is that full fdi in retail would open new doors for Indians to excel as they did in IT...we have many enthusiastic people in India who can bring a new revolution to whatever field they get in- this is an advantage of our over populated country...if everyone gets enough o...
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    So lets start. :mg:
    yesterday i went out for dinner with some friends and we started discussing as usual about Indian economy.
    the case in point was whether the decrease in economic growth numbers (IIP et al) will affect India's economy or not?
    we actually discussed that India is yet to ...
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    This is the right time to start preparation for GD and GK..so start it!!!
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    ""No replies yet
    Why don't you be the first to reply ?""
    The Inside of Me - Why not. :grin:A Great initiative sir. It is never early for anything. :mg:
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