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Hellos puys.
I know this is a bit early to start this thread for GD topics etc.But once we start discussing topics here, it would be easy in later stages to come here and find all information at a single place.
As it is a common trend, the GD topics come mostly out of current affairs.
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but kasab was just a pawn in the whole scheme of things.what is d use or even merit in rejoicing in d death of a pawn,when the real evil still lurks.
also,would pakistan really care,let alone be intimidated by the death of a measly foot soldier??if whole wars haven't taught people to stop terr...
How about fiscal deficit ??? It can be a good topic ...any take on that
@viraj333 see this video if you can find some info about India and US
All the best!
If we compare US and INDIA do you think there is huge gap in IT sector ?? as one being developed and other developing.
The only way to compete with Foreign retail companies is to overhaul, brainstrom and bring an efficient supply chain system at par with the Walmart /Tesco. This will ensure the procurement cost minimization.
@viraj333 Start by defining developed/developing nations. The role of the IT sector etc. Then go ahead and discuss its pros/cons
Hey everyone, what's your take on the Salman Rushdie and Vishwaroopam issues?
Can I have info on dis topic plzzzzzzz??????
Now a days IT companies are also looking for domain experts like in BFSI, Manufacturing,Logistics etc..where the emphasis is on Domain than mere IT.So I do agree that even Non-Engineers can also have good career provided they have the domain expertise in the required specialization.
I am new to this forum.yesarpit. I totally disagree with you, that only engineering students get to work in IT field. there are many more people from non-tech background who are working in It companies.
@didroo Thanks bro :)
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For essays on current affairs..can refer to http://www.essaysforiim.com/
off course they charge a fee.
With CAT results out and other results awaited, preparation should be in full swing
Found this website quite helpful: www.gdprep.com
It has analysed GD topics and data on past events
Hope it is useful :)
plz provide idea about UPA and its allies...
@Mad-Head just one thing to rectify .we have 28 states.
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ABBS is conducting mock GD on 5th Jan,2013.Get in touch with us at 91-80-6535 7317/ 65831418/ 32217317 for an appointment to check your preparedness for the upcoming GDPI session.
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@all guys join this more active thread for GD/PI discussions
@Pworld Nicely written
The government should firstly put clear cut rules in place:1. It should list down all the crops, items which are produced in India and safeguard it.- If Walmart does come in and brings in rice from china and sells it at Rs10, then we cannot expect the Kirana stores to dr...
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An important topic this year:-
Capital Punishment for Rape
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