[2011-2012] CAT Coaching Classes Queries Prep Resources

Hi People,
Carrying forth the tradition , here we come up with a new thread for queries related to coaching classes for 2011-12 season.
In initial posts , we have tried to compile all the general queries asked by fellow puys and solutions to these queries suggested by puys throughout the ...
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and i used to thnk TIME mst hai !! : but wont the dates of the mocks CLASH?
TIME i am plannin to take enhanced. CL ka fir basic cat lun?
CL to mst hai... go for it :cheerio:
and take mocks to devise ur best strategy...how u gonna attempt..which questions first.. how much tym on which question.. relation between ur accuracy and ur no of attempts...
analysis to bhai... if i tak abt myself never analysed my single mock
may ...
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Puys confusion confusion !!
I am a 2nd time taker of cat. will take TIME for sure. the enhanced one. but i am really confused about CL. please help and advise what to do.
and how exactly should the mocks be attended and analysed for the best use of it?
Puys is there any good teacher available for QA in delhi.....Home tuition?
I am a current student of Byju's and it has been nothing less than excellent so far...the verbal is very good...but the Quant & DI classes are simply awesome...just wait till you attend ur first BYJU quant class :D
...don't worry...you've made the right decision.....just give ur 100% in the cl...
TF shud b a btr option as time aimcats have reptitv ques from prev years...
Can anyone please provide a feedback on BYJU classes. Today i attended a free workshop on verbal and found it really interesting in terms of how efficiently the basics were covered in short span of time. But still i am a bit apprehensive how well the same will go for Quant and DI . I took ...
I also wanted to know the about the TG ebooks ??? especially the one on number systems do they actually get updated frequently...does anyone have the latest edition of the number system book ?? and how many pages are there in it?
Go for TF then. Realistic and CAT level questions!!
Time questions, at times, get obnoxiously unrealistic.
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i'm also on a fix between TF and time test series....which is better for quants and DI...coz i really need to improve upon that area
Joined CL ka test series for CAT n NON CATs ....
guys help me out ... m nt able to pick b/w TESTFUNDA and TIME
don't talk about discounts because both wil cost me around 2500... i want to know which one is worth going for .
Good time to start prep.....
Start with the basics and finish them asap..
Hi ,
Being a novice here , so many qstns :
1. I am a MBA aspirant for 2013 , when should i start preparing for it ?
2. Which coaching centre should i join? I stay at virar. But I can attend weekend classes in Mumbai
3. Any pre-preparations before joining any coaching centres ?
Does anybody here have IMS study material ?? i just want to borrow it for a week or so....(shelled a lot of money last year for CAT and other entrance tests...so currently in austerity mode :P).
So if anyone can spare their material plz PM me or reply to this. I am currently residi...
hello puys,
i was a TIME classroom student last year. was my 1st attempt so didnot score well in cat :(
plan to do a self prep dis year wid arun sharma + time mocks + TIME material ( if time permits :P)
heard a lot about BYJU. is it dat good?
can ppl who hav joined BYJU classes share ...
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Hello Fellow
Puys n Guys
I recently joined Byju Classes
to become better than the masses
Hoping that my rise will be mercurial
When I know the content of offline material
and the classroom tutorial
Can ayone of you tell me what offline materials (books / sheets/ online sup...
Hello all!!!
I will be starting my prep in June for CAT 12. Can anyone tell me how & from where I should go about with the mocks (sectional+full)... Some have suggested me to take TIME & CL package. Do they offer sectional tests separately from full mocks, as I think it would be better to go f...
Hello guys,
I am weak in Quant. Can you please tell me where can I go for just quant classes in Hyderabad? I had a talk with Byju but they said that this facility is available only in Bangalore. Can't find the contact info of any other private tutor like Munira or Patrick. Can anyone help?
I would suggest CL test series + CL past year mocks ( if more reqd then go for Testfunda)
Contact the Delhi co-ordinator's number available on their site.