[2011-12 GDPI Helpline] By NITIE Students - the Last lap to enter Dream B-Schools Prep Resources

Dear All,

For the second year in succession, we bring to you the PaGaLGuY Official GDPI Helpline in collaboration with students of NITIE Mumbai. Helpline has the sole objective to ensure that you are empowered to crack GDPI in a better way.

The hard part is done but the harder part is yet to be taken care of. The 'Battle' is over but the 'WAR' to enter dream B-Schools is still on. And this is the right time to ask all your 'last lap' questions to people who have been there, done that and wish to share their experience and time with you.

Continuing with the tradition set by helpline of last year, you can ask them about:

- How to start preparing for GDPI
- Customizing GDPI preparation for different B-Schools
- Dealing with fear to speak in group / before interview panel
- How to be prepared about out of the box questions in interviews
- Tips for group tasks/ case discussions
- Customized PI tips as per your background

If you have any questions related to above apprehensions or any other query, post them here and get them answered by NITIE Students.

Special features of this helpline include:

- Regular discussions on topics important with respect to GDPI. This won't include the posting of news or articles on these topics, rather it will consist of complete analysis of the topic from management point of view posted regularly by NITIE Students after the discussion among puys on the topic has exhausted.
- Suggestions to perform better in PIs.
- Sharing GDPI experience of almost every elite B-School.
- Skype Conference with NITIE students and live discussions on topics.

Please fill the following form if you wish to participate in Skype GDPI Sessions:
Links to post having links of Consolidated Analysis of GD Topics: http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/prep-resources/75440-2011-12-gdpi-helpline-nitie-6.html#post3098790
Points to remember in Group Discussions : http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/prep-resources/75440-2011-12-gdpi-helpline-nitie-15.html#post3109974
How to approach CASE based Group Discussions: http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/prep-resources/75440-2011-12-gdpi-helpline-nitie-24.html#post3117772
Pointers for PIs - Part 1: http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/prep-resources/75440-2011-12-gdpi-helpline-nitie-56.html#post3205486
Pointers for PIs - Part 2 : http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/prep-resources/75440-2011-12-gdpi-helpline-nitie-58.html#post3210682
Pointers for Answer to Why MBA ? http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/prep-resources/75440-2011-12-gdpi-helpline-nitie-101.html#post3344779
Useful blogs on different specializations to prepare for GDs and PIs: http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/prep-resources/75440-2011-12-gdpi-helpline-nitie-48.html#post3176908
Important topics from current affairs for GDs and PIs : http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/prep-resources/75440-2011-12-gdpi-helpline-nitie-54.html#post3195292

The other offerings will be disclosed as we move ahead in the journey together.

All the best everyone. :thumbsup:

** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **
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A very interesting topic
If we consider the past Kingfisher has had similar problems with debt and the situation has not improved
There are 3-4 ways of saving KingFisher Airlines
1) Banks can convert the debt into equity stake in the company , hence writing off the entire debt , given ...
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guys wat i think is government should not bail out king fisher!!!!!!
firstly there is no dearth of any airlines in india!!!infact in the last decade v had seen the emergence of so many airlines-be it indigo,spice jet etc!!!!!!!the situation tat kingfisher is in 2day its because of its own lack...
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No it should not be done
The decision to bailout a private airline should not be based upon the class of service it provides to its customers.No doubt kingfisher has world class service but that is not a reason for its financial mismanagement.
Secondly I think the better use of the money of...
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Besides, there would be so many direct & indirect job losses if Kingfisher isn't bailed out.
1 1
yes it should certainly be done. Helping Kingfisher would mean no loss of flights and other services done by it and hence no looking for other alternatives to ppl who avail these services
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Kingfisher is not merely a private airline in debt. It is India's reply to the Lufthansas and Singapore Airlines of the world. It is being seen by several Indians and foreigners as probably the only Indian airline with true, world-class service. So in a sense, India's image and competency is at s...
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Here we go with our GDs :)
You all are invited to put forth your views on the topic. We shall be summarizing the topic once the discussion gets over along with the feedback of your points which will be put up during the discussion.
We start off with following topic for the inaugral GD:
19 19
thanks a lot seniors.. do let us know the timings..
2 2
Has the online GD started ??
hello seniors when the GD process will be started...
Going back in the timeline, I would like to share one important point that I learnt regarding GD, with all of you. Before being a part of the MBA fraternity, I always looked at this procedure as just another elimination round to select the best, and only recently have I realized that it's not.
27 27
Around 10.30 - 11 PM No timeline to end, it would depend on when the points from you all get exhausted.
Initially, discussions would be through posts on threads for first 1-2 topics and then we shall move on to skype sessions.
Since in skype session everyone cannot be accomodated at a s...
12 12
Awesome Btw, what time tonight? Would we have to just post threads here as part of the GD or would it be on some other chat forum?
1 1
Dear all
We shall be kicking off the journey with first topic for GD from tonite as lot of you are online then and we can have a healthy discussion. Once the discussion from your end is over then we shall post the comprehensive analysis of the topic from management perspective.
By manageme...
21 21
Thank You Varun
I would like to welcome all the aspirants on behalf of NITIE students. The GD/PI stage of most of the institutes will start by the mid of February and we believe that this is the apt time to start our preparation to master the final and arguably, the most critical phase of our ...
41 41