[2011-12 GDPI Helpline] By NITIE Students - the Last lap to enter Dream B-Schools Prep Resources

Dear All,
For the second year in succession, we bring to you the PaGaLGuY Official GDPI Helpline in collaboration with students of NITIE Mumbai. Helpline has the sole objective to ensure that you are empowered to crack GDPI in a better way.
The hard part is done but the harder part is yet ...
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Thanks for all the feedback and appreciation people. We have observed few areas to improve as well and we hope that after including all the feedbacks , we shall be able to make this thread more useful to aspirants next season.

For a quick reference, link of posts having analysis of all the topics can be found here: http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/prep-resources/75440-2011-12-gdpi-helpline-nitie-6.html#post3098790
Discussion on PI questions starts here: From post#1002 onwards http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/prep-resources/75440-2011-12-gdpi-helpline-nitie-101.html

Few points :

1. Missed out timely conduction of Skype GDs for more number of aspirants, one areas we will definitely try to improve next year and accomodate more people.

2. Will ensure posting of links of important articles for knowledge of everyone, in next season.

3. Coming up with you tube links for some good analysis done by experts from next season.

4. Link of all consolidated analysis has been put up in this post as well as the first post of the thread. All this for quick and easy reference of all the analysis.

Wish all the participants of this thread, all the silent readers and all the critics, good luck for all your future endeavors and wish to have more helpful version of this thread in next season.

All the best, take care and keep PGing! :)


PS: Thread shall remain sticky till the end of this month as still few colleges have their processes on and shall be made unsticky after that.
** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **
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Should voters be given Right to reject candidates while voting - Analysis!
The demand that voters should have the right to reject all the candidates in a constituency is now picking up with many non-government organizations and even the Election Commission supporting the idea. The ...
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This thread is very much about to close...
Before it actually does it would sincerely like to thank everyone on this thread.. All the seniors and all those who were active/non-active...
This thread helped me immensely right through MBA GD-PI journey.. The topics were really good.. The discu...
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Should cloning of humans be allowed? - Analysis
What is cloning?
It refers to the development of offspring that are genetically identical to their parents. While cloning is often referred to as an unnatural process, it occurs quite often in nature. Identical twins are clones, for example,...
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" Should Capital Punishment be banned " ?- Analysis!
Capital Punishment is the legal killing punishment for a person who has been proved in a court of law to have committed.
Criminals have to be punished in many different violent ways. A King of Babylon had even claimed that An eye for an...
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they are still some puys like me who are trying to get into a good bschool this year..all the best to us also..
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Sharing few links for puys who might visit this thread after its closed/for guidance
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the thread is about to be closed and yet its business as usual here. I dont think there is anything more needed to emphasise on how important you -Vision and your thread has been.
If anything needed, probably I dont know if possible but we could take all posts containing to each topic and zip...
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can any help me in preparing answer for why mba is better than hospitality management (why mba-would b joining my father in hotel business)
It's been a brilliant journey, from being a B-school aspirant to a B-school convertee. More than that, the knowledge gained here, the different people and the thought process that they brought forward, it has helped immensely. I'm sure we have all gained immensely from this thread - irrespective ...
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The journey here has been superb . Amazing guidance and key points that I gathered from here , used them in all my lil calls
The info provided here gave immense confidence . to all the seniors and to all the aspirants who participated .
Mostly, all topics were covered.
The season...
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Converted IIM A
Thanks a lot to varun and a lot of other seniors for helping out at various moments....
@varun ur help in this gd-pi help thread is really appreciated.(the constant feedbacks rly helped)
Nt just him but the constant encouragement and competition from fellow peers helped ...
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Hi all
The wonderful journey of this thread is about to end now with season nearing its end.
Shall be happy to get the feedbacks preferably critical ones so that next year, we can improve and be of more help to the users.
Thread shall be closed in another 24 -36 hours time, all the fee...
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Sharing one incident :)
During second year of college, I along with few more people was given the responsibility of publishing the newsletter covering the 3-day sport event of college. We worked with a team from first year and got the copies published. When we distributed it to everyone, apart...
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Amidst all serious PI questions, here comes a question to see the bright minded investors in us
Suppose you have 2 million USD with you and it is required to invest in just 1 IPL team. Which team will you select so that afterall the risk mitigations and making up for them, you end up making p...
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Some of you would know me from the parallel thread that runs. I am not an aspirant nor do I generally post here ( which I jokingly call my 'rival' thread !!! ) . But I will let this be an exception.
Hyderabad, 2009. 8:00pm
A sultry afternoon had given way to a heavy downpour in the evening...
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Sorry forgot to reply to this query !
These questions are all about approximations .
We know 1210 million people are there in India
Rural and Urban population are almost in the ratio 3:1
so we have something around 900 million in rural areas and rest in urban .
Lets take smalle...
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Here we go with another question , expecting interesting answers
Describe one/two incidents in your life that radically changed your approach/outlook to life
Let the creativity pour in the answers!
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I am late ..attending this question with permission
1) I would like to travel with my favourite author Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi . It was because of his books that I continued reading which opened an entire new world for me. He helped me do better as a person , via his books , via his writi...
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The point is to assume certain data with appropriate reasoning and make back of the hand calculations on that basis! I assume you know this :P
Search for guesstimate PI questions on google :)
Hope I could help
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