[2010-2011] CAT Coaching Classes Queries Prep Resources

Hi People,
Carrying forth the tradition , PG comes up with a new thread for queries related to coaching classes .
Here, in initial posts , we have tried to compile all the general queries asked by fellow puys and solutions to these queries suggested by puys .
So, here are FAQs on coachi...
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AIMCATS, and other mocks are copyrighted property of their respective institutes.
Posting scanned copies of AIMCATS/PROC-CATS/SIMCATS/etc is a punishable offense, and so is distributing them to others.
So please refrain from asking links for copyrighted stuff over here.
If you want to ...
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Thanks , thats a lot of info...this thread has answers for a lots of ques i'm looking for...
Can anyone tell me which batch would be the best , i mean among weekend and week days at TIME hyd?
btw..i'm working in a IT co and planning to join CAT coaching soon...also is it too late to ...
I gave CAT last year .. it was a disaster ..
'll be writing again .. but , 'LL NOT JOIN ANY CLASSES ...
I have Arun Sharma .... & m very poor in quants ...
can any body tell me ...some gud quants books , so that I can start off ??
classroom :
spare a thought to CL - chennai .. i would say CL is better than IMS in many ways
as far as mocks are concerned , ppl who need improvement in verbal , IMS is the way to go or if the person is good at verbal , CL is way to go
ideal combination i would suggest is
1) tim...
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Hi Akshant,
The material for correspondence is sent by post in printed format, if it contain sectional tests and mocks which are to be taken on computer, then they even provide you cds. Some classes which publish their own books give you the choice of preference ( printed or e book in pdf for...
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Do they send their material(Correspondence) through Post(Printed books) or through Internet(pdf etc)
Is it worth joining??
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6. Centers of Byju classes?
They are in Bangalore, Vellore, Delhi , Mumbai , Chennai , Pune , Hyderabad , Manipal.
Byju is considered to be very good in QA and DI Shortcuts.
visit :: NOESIS EDUCATION :: Byju's CAT Classes for CAT 10 for further details
7. Suggest coachin...
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