[2010-2011] CAT Coaching Classes Queries Prep Resources

Hi People,
Carrying forth the tradition , PG comes up with a new thread for queries related to coaching classes .
Here, in initial posts , we have tried to compile all the general queries asked by fellow puys and solutions to these queries suggested by puys .
So, here are FAQs on coachi...
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Hi can any one of u say.. which coaching class is better in Kochi??
TIME ya CL ??
PLs advise
Hi all,
Can you people give me a suggestion about the career launcher's Online course "PREP ADVANCED" which comprises of
MBA Test Prep on Demand-contains 120 hrs video lectures
Test Gym
CAT Scan
CAT Test Series
hey guys howz t.i.me at vashi mumbai...is it worth spending 25k which they asking for CAT + CET short term course....plz suggest i need to join it in next week....any other option in vashi or anyhr in nabi mumbai plz let me knw...thanks
R u from alchemist.I am not sure their english.Lot f my frinds told me abt alechemist. Their number system is something for what they are famous. Otherwise they are not so good.So pleas reconsider.
Friend, I am not sure if TIME offers you 'free' AIMCATs. I heard that the fee for AIMCAT is 5150 (along with OMETs). A concession of 1250+ is offered for ex-TIME students.
I presume the scholarship is for the full-time classes and the discounts are hardly 4000+. The course fee would cost you 1...
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hi puys
how are the byju classes at delhi?
Does anybody know about the FREE AIMCAT and discounts offered for AIMCAT series based on that performance??
I don't know any details about it!!
for a test series student i wont differ much....if u are planning to join classroom program than also i wont matter much becoz they hv good faculty at each centre and most of them are taking lecture at many centres.regarding gd pi, it will be at dadar centre for all students...so its upto u to wh...
Any good coaching classes in Nagpur? I know there is TIME and CL. But is the faculty any good? Plus, any other coaching institutes?
hey guys does anyone kno any detail about cplc?? i heard a batch of proffessors left and setup a breakaway class?? considering the fees is a little steep i really desperately need to the know how good the classes are
paper-pen tests will be few to be honest, say 2 to 3. u can ask for them however before enrolling.. they might provide more of those this time around.
Both TIME and IMS are good, personally i prefer TIME as they have better structured classes, u could take the material from IMS besides..
n as for test series, go for TIME AIMCATS, no match
Go for TIME classes in Delhi and the notes from ALCHEMIST..quite a wholesome package.. no idea about the bathches
In bangalore,which TIME centre is better for classroom..Jaynagar/kormangala??
I can go only at these two places..please suggest puys..have they same faculty..moreover,I will be joining weekday batch...not weekend...!!does it create a difference??
Also,please throw some light on BYJU's verbal
Hi the clueless.........I know that for Test Series Centre doesn't matter....I am just asking the overall view......If u can give that...
puys no help till now
If u want to really join the test series , the centres really dont matter.
Puys can someone plz tell that which TIME is better in Mumbai in Central Line (Between Dadar to Thane). I will be joining TIME for CAT 2011 as a test series advanced student. If possible then plz tell ranking wise i.e. 1st in Central Line, 2nd in Central Line etc. I want an overall view about the...
dude...just try to get the %ile...who knows...with ur work ex, they may call u. if u can get a good %ile, IIM C, K are there...so dont lose hope, and dont think what others say or even wat procedure the IIMs adopt. try to find out all the IIMs' criteria (for the last 3-4 years), IIM B and IIM C a...
See the thing is CLs test series is given by a larger audience compared to tf.
But test funda has made its own niche with its mock analysis and other features.
So the decision is yours.
Test Gym has plenty of sectional tests of varying difficulty levels.
They are good.
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