[2010-2011] CAT Coaching Classes Queries Prep Resources

Hi People,
Carrying forth the tradition , PG comes up with a new thread for queries related to coaching classes .
Here, in initial posts , we have tried to compile all the general queries asked by fellow puys and solutions to these queries suggested by puys .
So, here are FAQs on coachi...
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cud some1 who has been following this thread properly put some light on Coaching Centres in Delhi?
PS: I am going to join the weekend batch.

i would reccomend TIME,CP
cleared CFA level 3... it is party time :)
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Hello People
New thread for CAT coaching related queries for 2011-12 season is up now
Link http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/prep-resources/67146-2011-2012-cat-coaching-classes.html#post2763781
Please go through FAQs and if your query remains unanswered, feel free to shoot it there :)
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actually i don't hav much idea abt online programs.....
can u plz suggest me sm names????
My take - classroom vs online program - It doesnt matter whether you join a classroom program or an online program - The inputs in a Live online classroom can match the inputs in a classroom program ;
Positives of online programs -
1) Convenience - you can attend classes from home or vie...
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i want to join classroom program...i think it will b better option....
Do yew hav ny idea abt institute....
cud some1 who has been following this thread properly put some light on Coaching Centres in Delhi?
PS: I am going to join the weekend batch.
Do you wish to prepare online or do you wish to join a classroom program?
I am a working professional having 1 year of work exp.
Want to give CAT and other MBA related xamz this year...Bt am not getting fro m where to start..
I m in mumbai...can sm1 plz tell me the coaching institute near Thane
I heard abt IMS, TIME, and Patrick Dsouza classes.
Pls tell me ...
puys plz reply which is the best coaching in delhi ncr to join for cat prep.
me too Byju's student bro ,
TIME mocks are competitive because of the number of students appearing their mocks. the quality of the test also much better than others.
But post exam analysis wise testfunda is better, they will give you a complete analysis about ur answers and questions. if yo...
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Management graduates will now tell you - prepare a rank order matrix from the above data and choose the one with the lowest rank ...:)
IN simple words - which criterion is the most important to you ? Once you identify the criterion - the selection of the right institute then is a no brainer ..
Kindly excuse me but I dont have the required time to go through this complete thread...so cud some1 who has been following this thread properly put some light on Coaching Centres in Delhi?
PS: I am going to join the weekend batch.
I am Byju's cat student and i am a working professional. I am trying to figure out which mock test series should i enroll(Other than Byjus). How many test series should i enroll , is total 2 enough?
I have shortlisted the below
1) Time
3)Test Funda
Experinced puys pls advice!
Agree with the points you've said. Apart from the 4 aspects you've mentioned, the other one happens to be individual attention from profs in subjects you wish to focus on. I had joined Roy Eddington Charles (REC) for my entrance prep and i must say it was a great experience with a lot of individu...
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Hi Puys...I would like to know which TIME centre is better in Hyd for classroom coaching...Kukatpally or Madhapur?
thanx a lot subish for your valuable reply... well i am in my 3rd year of engg(I.T)..and as per my assessment, study material alone will do for grooming up my Quant and D.I section..bt will be requiring a little guidance for strengthening up my VA section to the mark...
Reasons for Joining IMS...
First and foremost - What is it that you desire out of a coaching institute - According to me some of the reasons why people join a coaching institute are
1. Good Study Material
2. My friend goes there
3. Good teaching.
4. Maintaining regularity throughout your preparation.
You n...
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Please..can anybody help on this?
I would like to have some views regarding Endeavor , IMS and P.T Education in Surat..... Which one to choose ??
No doubt, IMS got great material and India level mock tests are pretty cool...
But in Surat, Endeavor is new and i personally feel being new it ...
Hi! -CLs pre recorded course is good - Just in case you have not made up your mind fully to join CL and are looking for other online courses - On demand or Live online - also take a look at [ www.pfindia.com ---- Since I work for this company- dont take my word at the face value - experience ...