sbi clerical ( waiting for phase 2 final results )candidates 2012 Pre MBA Jobs

this thread is for candidates who r waiting for phase 2 results of sbi clerical 2012
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Bro one wat is that indian bank is releasing drop out 1 and drop out 2 . Is dropout 2 waitinglist ...
@klumakan leave the students to copy bro....see u in evening....
@jabtak_hai_jan ok bro....we cant do anything in this....i hope, they will do on our favour....
@vivkum.. Gud mrn bro 2 u 2.. 2day also in having exam duty.. Hope by evnng we'll get sum +ve news regarding dis phase 2.. Have a nice day bro! C u all in d evnng time...:-)
@vivkum its not my opinion..expert says only
@jabtak_hai_jan i dont think so bro.....if phase 2 is second list of selected candidates and their is huge shortage of clerks....so it comes soon....
@vivkum atfr completing phase one den phase two wl be declear
@vivkum @klumakan @klumakan @klumakan have to few more days
second list wl take time
kingkobra1 , assam ot nov ba dec or first half ot ahibo lage.
if phase 2 is second list of selected candidates, y to wait for such a long period.....i think, it will come soon.....
@klumakan gud mrg bro
@jabtak_hai_jan gud morn fren!

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    gud mrng frnds
    hope for da best
    @all.,log in jst 2 remind u all dat 2day is 22nd nov... Lets c wat happen 2mrrw d 23rd of nov...:-)
    2 2
    @bimalgaba2 kya baat he bhai..haryana is super fast in gramin bank notification........
    @Vinod87 oi...assam t ketia ahibo...assam gramin bank t?????any prediction?
    yes..but vacancy are very less