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Hi Folks
I am new here. Would like to know if anyone here has been an alumni of the Executive MBA program from SIBM Pune.
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Hi Guys ...i am new here and was looking for ideas / opinions on SCIT's executive MBA program??
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    I have a question.
    I have Deposited a fees on 10th December, and I got a message that the amount is not deposited, however amount was deducted from my account.
    I emailed to SIBM Helpdesk, I didn't got any response.
    Then After waiting for 24 Hrs , I re-deposited the Fees, as the la...
    10th-82.4% 12th-65.4% B.E-53.33%
    My experience in software industry is approximately 2 years. With such a low score in graduation should i apply for SIBM,Pune or spend the same amount on some other lower rank colleges.I have a doubt that even if I go past the cut off whether or not I'll a g...
    Hi.... I too wanted to know which course scored better? C-PGDBA or Exe MBA?
    Does the word 'CORPORATE' in C-PGDBA help??
    Whcih one is a better course C-PGDBA or E-MBA.
    Please guide.
    Please share if you have any comparative details on SIBM and SCMHRD Ex-MBA ?
    hey i m studying in EMBA from IMSR distance learning.
    are you looking out for distance learning???
    Please visit the following link.
    Any Experience about Exe-MBA courses of SIBM and SCMHRD Pune..?
    I wish to go for Exe-MBA in Operations in SIBM. Hows the program structure in general..? Hws the industry and corporate exposure...? Any placements?
    I wanted to know if anyone here has been an alumni of executive MBA from SIBM Pune or SCMHRD pune.
    Yes... you have to be empoyed, and have to continue at the same company for the period of the mba. No placement assistance is provided.
    How would you rate executive mba compared to normal mba?
    Is it necessary to be employed, if not does it provide placement assistance?
    I'm an alumnus of the normal 2 year MBA... do ask if you need anything specific about the programme. Else details are given in the site...