What's the reason behind that odd username??? PG Meets & Events

for timepass....there are lots of usernames on PG which are really weird(like t2s or trep or names like sambar and all [smiley] )
i guess there'll be some pretty interesting reasons behind them [smiley] so what are they???and what is the significance of those numbers in ur username? (like...
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my name is sampurna..and i wish that someday nursery class students will be taught, " A for apple, B for ball...... S for sampurna"
jst kidding ...well,s4sampurna happens to be my mail id..and hence i have chosen it as my username here
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Well,It's my name!
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Finally posting the rationale behind my pg id.
The story goes back to 2004 when i created my first email id on rediff, I was just bored of my long name (though i love it like hell). I wasn't just happy of my rediff id, so created another one on yahoo, jaipraqas. I wanted something different. S...
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My name with initials And my Country(I am patriotic). . .Well this id i have for almost everything i created. . .
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well this is the id which is also there in my FIRST email id (that mail id still exists )...
regarding the creation of this, my first name is amalgamated with my dob...well not that complex i guess...
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sometime reality is sweet so it has to be checked..
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i think u cant friend..i have myself tried all means ,then a fellow puy replied in shoutbox...dat we cant..
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My friend made a user-id for me way back in 1999 and I've retained it since then.
It was actually meant to refer me coz of my knowledge about Cricket's history and all the rules and scores that I used to remember, So got referred to as cricgeek.. with my name and my surname's initial ... hence...
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Hey friends i wnt to change my username. Plz tel me how cn i change it?Thnx
Got inspired by the poster of the PRINCE OF PERSIA:Warrior Within game
My bro was constantly playing that game which irritated me to death.
CAT 09 and the game were on the same hatred list for me.
Hence, WarriorWithin
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Hello Puys,
Reason behind my nick name "Indian Idiot"
Well I am a heavy metal fan and love the song American Idiot by Green Day.
So, got inspired by it and tweaked it a bit to give it a desi touch.
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Just saw this thread.my username: mail2neha_k. Neha_k is shortform for my big surname and small first name. mail2 was something have copied from one of my friends gtalk mail-id.
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I was trying to sign up on irctc. I chose desired username as Subhankar, then Subhankar Dhar, Only subhankar blah blah blah .I even tried few 'gaalis' but guess what there were also taken. Then I tried by nick name Subho still nothing worked. ''What to do then ?''
I am a huge fan of Kimi Raikk...
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sorry for posting so late
Well the reason for my id was everyone around me use to call me 'cute' all the time and then in college my friends use to call me cutie pie...then no one use to call me from my original name :-P
And also i had my email id with 'cutie.pie' so used that email id...
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respect my authorataaaaaaaaaa,
da fuhre,
ginger king,
pirate master of entire somalia,
scar face
the one and only cartman
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yupp ... Dan Brown is gr8 writer and Da Vinci Code is one of my favourites.....
nw my name's secret is bit strange .... its my frn's name in coded form ... which i remembered ... nd wen i got stuck agn for choosing a unique username ... d code rescued me again
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Hee hee interesting thread, this:biggrin:
omar1618- My name is Omar and I became a fan of the no. 1.618 (phi) after reading the Da Vinci Code :grin:
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well.. not sure if mine is odd.. but many people whom i came to know first through PG and later through Gmail have felt so.. so here goes what aspcat means.. :)
asp- first three characters of my name: Aswin S. Prabhu (i use 'asp' as the initial part of the id on all forums)
cat- u know wha...
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Ok.. here is the funda behind my id...
Slayer - This was the name used by me in college while playing on LAN (DOTA)... flicked it from a senior of mine when he left the college...
23 - My bday.. Michael Jordan's Jersey Number...
Hence Slayer23...
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Finally!!! I get to post mine... well rebzin = reb+zin... now reb, you can easily guess it to be rebel... or if not, then it is... zin... now it has a story... was in a :drinking::drinking: with some friends of mine when a dosth asked me, dude, you have a great criminal mind naa, tell me a way to...
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