What's the reason behind that odd username??? PG Meets & Events

for timepass....there are lots of usernames on PG which are really weird(like t2s or trep or names like sambar and all [smiley] )
i guess there'll be some pretty interesting reasons behind them [smiley] so what are they???and what is the significance of those numbers in ur username? (like...
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Yeh tessra banda hoon isliye gareeb hoon aur isliye points nahi hai mere pass...
But dear no love affair till date so fail hone ki abhi tak nobat hi nahi aayi..
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teesra banda, fielding at third man for the murga in a failed love affair!
send me my points, but you dont seem to have many :)
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My name and same as my email so its easy to remember :)...with so many registrations on n number of sites its usually tough to remember them all....
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Any guesses on my username "teesra banda"...
Donate points to the right answer ....wez ????
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Dude.. I don't think anyone will complain with regards to that nick
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ok man ... i remember the big argument over the username some time back ... and going by the no of junta against it , have to do what the majority wants . So no My Dying Bride in the future for me . Thanks for the clarification
A great question. Something which was on my mind when the issue first came up. See the dates, its not new. But after so many people have complained - I decided to do what the majority wanted.
I am not the deciding authority on whether the nick was right, wrong, stupid et al. But when so many p...
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I agree Nicks are something not to take dil pe :)...
a question pg , why have u changed the nick ? ... i mean its not targeted at anyone personally and its a person choice to what kind of nick he/she should use as long it is not abusive or against some1 ... if tomorow i change my nick to My Dying Bride because its a name of a band i like , will it...
Thanks PG. That was quick.
good job...well done
Owk. Modifying nick n nulling it off for now.
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i second that... this is sick :argue:
I agree... 'ur_dying_mother' is the most disgusting id i have seen on these forums..
mods, can u do something?
HOW BOUT replacin "UR" wit "MY" in ur nickname buddy??!!....if ur that insensitive!!!
Well, preparing for CAT.........have brown eyes..........hence 'cattie'. Not really logical one would say . btw also thinking of managing(that's what it's called here isn't it?) a cat as a pet.
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Bakwaas is wot buck_was duz - n spurns his chances at most GD/PIs... to keep reminding myself this fact, wot better ID ?
Waise, this aint the first or only place I use this ID...
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doood ...i am not here to fite with u ppl or to prove something here....
if u ve a problem..i cant help it...U gotta live with it...!!
hahhaa..man..u were the one who started it all...
and claimed me for being insensitive....
so ..whts wrong in being insensitive....???
Or this goe...
Mate, change ur username. It's weird!!!
Your magnanimity will only be praised.
pray, teach me reasoning captain spock
thanx for the analysis dr.freud