What's the reason behind that odd username??? PG Meets & Events

for timepass....there are lots of usernames on PG which are really weird(like t2s or trep or names like sambar and all [smiley] )
i guess there'll be some pretty interesting reasons behind them [smiley] so what are they???and what is the significance of those numbers in ur username? (like...
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B I U Post
CAn I change ones ID on PG? Any ideas..
Please update me on this man!!
Hi Everyone
My Username Is Not That Odd It Is Actually Name Of
Of The Main Character Of Novels Written By Jack Higgins.
Actually This Person Hails From Ireland I Liked The Character Very Much So I Decided To Take It Up As My User Name.
phi_davinci.....not that wierd ...it was when i signed up for PG, i was reading da vinci and came across the word phi which is considered to be the most beautiful word.. so was trying to be difeerent
Planning to change ur ID??Better change ur GF
enid = soul in welsh ( not a fan of enid blyton as thought by many )
so Im a free soul...
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Ooh I cant let this pass...
See, I registered my blog sometime in December last year... back then I was HitchHiking to my office everyday. Its great fun... what with the excitement of an angry boss when you can't get a ride on time... plus I think the HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy is an aw...
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This looks like a Conversation I better not get into... lol
Just picked the nick cause I got frustrated when 3 other nicks I tried already existed - Now I find it pretty stupid - Planning on changing it!
I have started to use this username after I one of the posts on my blog was given this heading by me... since then i have bought this URL as well..
That is the best explanation that I can come with
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i opted for this id b'coz username sumit was not available....so second thought came in my mind was my mail id sumitkatlana@xxxxxxx.com....& from their i got this...
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Ok People, very few people know the full form of XP in my id. I have been using this ID - "anuragxp" for all my mail accounts (hotmail, rediff and gmail) long before Microsoft launched Windows XP or I heard of PagalGuy. I wanted to have a short mail id, but "Anurag" was not available on any popul...
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people try and be cool with odd user name..upppph...odd odd names...
me tried something different...
gave my name as my user id..so simple...
do i need to say anythin more...:)
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Well, it all started with Yahoo! chat ID.
Tried 'Rick' which is my petname, but was not available. Then my real name 'Rickson', still in vain. Then thought of an absurd letter correlation which can replace 'Rickson', and hence came Rxn (Just as 'Action' was transformed into 'AXN').
Now abo...
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dunno about yr username but u have a cool avtar
nzomniac=>nsomniac=>insomniac=>One who suffers from lack of .
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dude u got me there totally........ me do not know the meaning of khota as donkey.....
me thinking all along as it was fake
so a fake fish is equivalent to a donkey!!!!!!!!!
thanks for clearing that out
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well i m a huge kurt coabin fan of the NIRVANA fame so i chose "kurt" .
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well i seem to miss good threads usuallyy--gadha jo hoon
now my id is khotahimachali which is khota+himachali
now khota means donkey--it beinga punjabi word quite popular in north india
and himachali well i am from himachal pradesh...
hope taht explains it --ppl hav started calling m...
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Thats where I am .. just one step
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getting on with the explanations...... me totally confused in life, would like to c other people in a confused state and inspired by mr shakespeare's greatness.........
hope that answer's some questions
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Mine is too simple.Huge Metallica fan.Loved the song "Enter Sandman"(Plus I have been known to put people to sleep with my lectures.So...... ).I took the nickname sandman.
while the sd part stands for my real name.
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