What's the reason behind that odd username??? PG Meets & Events

for timepass....there are lots of usernames on PG which are really weird(like t2s or trep or names like sambar and all [smiley] )
i guess there'll be some pretty interesting reasons behind them [smiley] so what are they???and what is the significance of those numbers in ur username? (like...
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chintu - pet name,
61 - last 2 digits of my btech roll number :roll:
:D :D

PS: No one ever asked me, logic behind my user name :roll:
Modern Ekalavya !!
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    Maybe just a symbol
    well, being called "HotShot" from the early college days, i thought it will do but as i am a theist so its God as "hotshot01" and after him its "hotshot02"....yeah, that's me pals
    “My name is Michael Westen. I used to be a spy until…”
    “We got a burn notice on you. You're blacklisted.”
    When you're burned, you've got nothing: no cash, no credit, no job history. You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
    You do whatever work comes your way. You rel...
    you said to put it up in first place -_-
    anyways edited..
    sorry for any inconvenience
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    Even the Reason behind your user id is Just
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    please delete the offensive term written above in the first sentence
    My college group name is Insane ****** (derived from a marathi *****)
    all in our group have our name associated with his favorite part or a name he got in his graduate life...
    I have my name associated with the drink I drank for infinite number of times (currently on hiatus from drinking)...
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    makes me say "SHIT HAPPENSSS"
    Thank yourself it was just a handle on PG, and not a tattoo! :P
    My pg name is my 3 initials Darpan Dayanand Kamat....simple and easy to remember...
    A reminder of our past mistakes :mg:
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    Arey wo to mei bhi kar sakta hun....but would love to keep this account.
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    :splat:Make a new account...Will be less painful :mg:
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    Tell us the fellow puys What was the reason behind this user name insane.vodka you're insane you drink vodka ( Vodka is not apt for males) #True confession
    Karo explain :mg:
    Toh meri ID ko log kya bolenge
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    Meri User id People Used to Complain about it Why 'Miseera' It Should be 'Mishra' Arey Bhut hi LOL Concept tha is ID Ka Meri Fellow Classmate Thi 1 and I had a Crush on Her So Mere Friends Use Dekh ke 'Mishra' ki Jagah 'Mis-eera' Bolte the
    So Jab Id BNayai to Yahi Dimag me aaya thats Wh...
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    I am one of the tragedy struck puys.....My full name is saurabh kumar rai and I wanted to create the username same as that of my name.But when i was creating the account,i wrote it as saurabhlumarrai,by mistake and now here i am searching for option of changing username in PG. I requested the sam...
    People liking the reason behind my ODD username after so many days feels like being decorated posthumously.
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