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Calling PG Mysoreans ---- newbie, expert, addicted, hardcor,certified pagal [smiley]
Lets first introduce ourselves then we can arrange a PG meet soon to discuss strategies for CAT, carrier related issues etc etc
Last year we had couple of PG meets which I was not part of [smiley] Lets ...
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Hi guys

We had last meet in 2010, & I must say it was best ever meet I attended :D

Lets make a new beginning this year :) I am hoping with SDM, MYRA coming up, I am sure their would lot of aspirants here in pg who are in Mysore.

I am positive of having a meet this sunday :mg:

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    Peli bhai we shall have lot of meets
    One way I tried to find in pg was, search mysore, you would come across lot of puys
    similarly I came across this http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/cat-and-related-discussion/78373-study-group-in-mysore.html
    Anchun thats why in advance I have told nupur...
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    Aye to that
    Me still in touch with sayanddude and rahulgupta09 from that 1st meet
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    You must not be knowing about BB..Get into Infosys and you will know about things.Plus you can keep a tab on this thread as well.. :-P:-P
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    I had to roam around with that temporary resignation letter the last days and show it every time I moved into GEC 1 and GEC 2.
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    i'll be joining infy mysore in july.. looking forward for the meets..
    of ocurse eagle sir will be there
    but how to find other infy ppl on PG
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    No dude...sadly its not sarcasm
    On my last day at Infy, they treated me no more than a regular visitor ( no visits to business areas and stuff)
    so even if i want to visit the beautiful Mysore campus (i dont appreciate any one differing on this) they won't allow me
    now it seems there is ...
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    Just to add anchun was a part of Infosys mysore for a long time and that too in one of the important part of your training divison. :w00t:
    Anchun:It is not good that you are putting in sarcasm and people are not getting it.
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    Infy allows visitors on Saturdays....provided an employee registers them at least two days in advance. Visiting time is 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
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    Aur kitne din postpone karogi bhai log .....not expected:nono:
    @EM:I liked the concept of single person meet .....one doubt though,
    Is Infy allowing visitors into the campus ( if yes, it will be a big motivator for me to visit Mysore)
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    Saturday I am out for a trip, a break from hectic office Sunday arpit and nupur not available
    We shall have it on
    May 26, 2012 at 6pm in infy campus, if no one comes I will alone go to infy & comeback
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    Can we have the meet on saturday,please.:-P
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    Hey next week ill join your meeting.
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    Meet did not happen as Arpit backed out because of fever, so only nupur & me were ready for a meet, where is rest of myfosians :sneaky:
    Next week, meet on Sunday Arpit, nupur & myself are sure starters
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    Hey not a problem. We could meet tomorrow.
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    Have some important work on Sunday, can we prepone the meet meet to Saturday 6 pm ?
    Meet in Infosys Campus
    Sure bhai come back to mysore infy :p
    I am good sareen, still behind cat here :sneaky:
    Great naarto, i so much wish to catch up with you guys again at AIPGM
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    There would always enough Pagal guys inside Infy campus, its only some one needs to take initiative
    The first PG meet happened near the running track (in 2009)and had attendance of 8-9 guys ( By far highest turn out for PG meet in Mysore:biggrin:)
    The media for advertisement is our own Mys ...
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    Darn you Anvesh (Anchun), you still remember -i shouldnt have ditched the dinner with them :(. But it was worth meeting you guys at Rasoi.. Great to see the thread running with Myfoscions and MyPGites meeting. :). How have you been Eagle..? whatsup in life?
    Yeah i'll be meeting Anchun finally ...
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    Naarto is in hyd and he is coming for AIPGM
    I am good ..getting royally screwed in internship:biggrin:( not every company is as good as Infy:sneaky:)
    have fun at PG meet and post the updates here ............
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