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hi people
its been a while since i posted.. a really long while..
The last pg meet i attended was in bangalore.. and its been about 8 months since that happened.
at the moment am in ahmedabad..
so here i am, suggesting to the pg amdavadi's to arrange a meeting...
even an informal...
very sry dudes.Really spending endless hrs playing counter strike these days inspite of exams.
Carried away a bit.Very sry.
frnds lets shift over to the other link on ahd'bad. some r posting here while the rest r posting in the other thread. Lets have a single one instead. Everyone plz shift over to:
Hey come out of u'r world of CS for once and have a l...
By any means does CS mean Counter Strike???????????????????????
i'll rather step back to make way for the others.....
hi people..
its amazing at the response "meeting up" gets at ahmedabad.. ideally it'd be most awesome if we could meet up as early as possible, cos my exams over here begin around the 25th .. and we have submissions of various projects/assignments at the last dates..
why dont we meet up sa...
bach ke rahiyo cattie bhaiyya varna :argue: ho jayega.
bahut logone ilzaam laga diye hain COUCHY pe....but then we all know its very TRUE.
menu nahi pata tha ke couchy ne teen baar topi pehnai hain.
keep defending couchy
hi guys,
so we were missing out on a lot of ppl having our discussions in the confines of our good own thread of a'bad.
Now this is happening, guess even our earlier meets could've been more fruitful had we created a seperate thread.
Now reg the meet. I might not(or rather will not) be a...
hi guys
i'm vaishal
was with hasher at SCMHRD for a few days
currently, i'm with Department of Management Studies, IIT- Delhi
i'll b in a'bad from 20 Dec and would love to meet all of u
looking forward to the meet
it wud be really nice if u guys can join the meet.
any plans to come down to ahmedabad?
do let us know so that we can sort of re schedule the meet.
Junta puhleeeeez puhleeeeeeeez meet up at ketley in front of IIM
Have lots of chai and sutta. I really miss those days big time. Walking along CG in the evenings. Meeting up with friends near Univ. Hanging around watching chicks at NID. And ofcourse have mommos and lemon tea at that nepali.<...
Hey, come on pal...do post ur story on the scmhrd threads.....ppl wud sure wanna know why u left their program.....and nah, me ain't at A'bad...but at H'bad ..thats hyderabad
well for starter check out my posts and my profile..mroe or less u'd have everythiong there about me..
i asked to be pm-ed cos then ii'd know through mail if i recd a psoitve note or not on the topic..
and well about scmhrd.. loong story.. guess i will save that for the pg meet!:...
hi u r mad!!!
well am no longer at the "famed" scmhrd..
its no good for entrepreneurship..actually if things go the way they are.. its not going tobe good for much else..
u in ahmedabd? organise a pgmeet .. or atleast a one on one.. am dying for some "happening " crowd in this place.. ...
i'll goin to attend this meet surely,,,,whwn will it happen
Hey (H)asher bhai, howdy so howz your program goin on @ SCMHRD?? am sure lotta ppl are gonna benefit from any info u can provide on the course you are pursuing.....summers at A'bad????
thanx for the update sammy.
COUCHY is surely out of contention now.
Couchy-u need to come up with some serious & genuine explanations as to how come u missed the MEET 3 times in a row after confirming ur presence in all 3.
A bit of change there mik...
1st meet = 6 people - Barista
2nd meet = 3 ppl - CCD
3rd meet = 5 ppl - Slang
Was a part of the 1st meet with Ashima, Parijat, Khyati, Abhishek... guess only Khyati and me are the active members of this thread out of these...
All the best for the 4th PG...
hey hasher,
never heard about u on the AHMEDABAD thread..
plij enlighten us more about urself & i just cudnt understand the motto behind u asking of PMing u.
rather everyone shud post their views here itself.
I was talking to couchy a few min back & he suggested the same thing @ PG me...