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hi people
its been a while since i posted.. a really long while..
The last pg meet i attended was in bangalore.. and its been about 8 months since that happened.
at the moment am in ahmedabad..
so here i am, suggesting to the pg amdavadi's to arrange a meeting...
even an informal...
when will be the next time meet ?
c.g. road Seva cafe is quite nice place
when can we meet guys?
Count me in too....
We will rock..!!
i m also comin to join meet..
@gulu.. u have choose nice venue..
Thinking of a PG meet.. 2006 meet...
Date : 6th April, 2006 (Ramnavmi, holiday :grin:)
Time : 5.00 P.M.
Venue : Mint (above Crossword)..
Lets make it huge.. lets beat Hyderabad.. they had 18 members present.. we will have 19
More http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/chit-chat/14900-p...
hi all,
Here is the thread for All Ahmedabad CAT 2006 aspirants...
Hope to see most of you there...
hi All...
I dug this thread out from Somewhere....
Would be gr8 if we can have some people, who are from Ahmedabad...N wud be going in for Cat_2006....
I am starting a new thread at PG for all those who are in Ahmedabad and preparing in for CAT2006.....It wud be great to share a common p...
moi pleased to discover this thread
ppl from ahd. plz pour in
waiting to hear frm u guys
Hey you doing your PGP from EDI ?
Happy New Year all ye amdavadi PGites
Coming a little late but....
Happy NEw Year all PGites from Ahmedabad...and everywhere else...
a Very Very Happy New Year To all PG Ahmedabad member
Err....is the meet happening...or is everybody gonna be hangin on to their chimneys in search of Father Christmas.....cmon guys....
God Speed
hi to all PG member @ Ahmedabad.
i am Ravi. living @Ahmedabad. just complete my B.E.(IT) and Now preparing for MBA
well i am member of this site form abt 4-5 months but never came across PD-Ahmedabad thread.
well, when will be next meet @Ahmedabad... i will join it for sure
its on the S.G highway....near nirma university.....which , for the uninitated, has an extremely high density of dhabas...btw...are u in LIBA?....and whts with the privacy or the lack of it?:P
God Speed
@deepu - u were not supposed to make that public
@yogesh - now where exactly is this place?am unaware of any such place...long time since i was last in ahmedabad..
is hashy@EDI around?
Mik...yeah..originally from chennai, am in ahemdabad for my PGP in Entrepreneurship....25th it is then....i was at this "concept" dhaba yesterday on S.G highway...loved it...and if its gonna be anythin more than 4-6 of us....it wud be a wonderful place...what with the bonfire et al......
Yaa there will be many more guyz ( 7-8 max who will be willing to come)
BTW PG meet's with mik will be very interesting(supposing he didnt loose his sense of humor) if you go after 30 mins of the planned timing
remember those days MIk when u used to give us warnings and u urself turn up...
I shall be in ahmedabad during that period..
BTW,Yogesh..ur location says u r in/from chennai..
Even i am i chennai currently.. & will be in ahmedabad in the later part of dec..
I guess there are tonnes of others out there....cmon Amdavad....as they call in the nick of the woods...lets have a meet on the 25th..
God Speed