For Newbies: The HitchHiker's Guide To The Pagalguy.com superway PG Meets & Events

For Newbies: The HitchHiker's Guide To The Pagalguy.com superway
This primer is primarily meant for the newbies,old-but-still-not-comfortable,very-old-but-as-good-as-dead and the lost souls who come to ...
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hi dere. plz guide me how can i start a new thread & how can i make contacts with pgs
PM any of the Mods for the same with the thread link and stating a valid reason for renaming!
Is there any way to change a thread's title started by yourself (me)? I can't find any tools for that.. I think that i still have a lot to learn about being a pagal..
PaGaLGuY PaThaShAla
this shala consist of Head Master:-
pagalguy vbmenu_register("postmenu_94033", true);
Administratus Ignoramus
and the team goes like this
masters :-
MavericK vbmenu_register("postmenu_29447", true);
uRmad vbmenu_register("postmenu_29139"...
buddy, ur answer surprises me.... u have already posted 195 posts and still u dont know abt it...... Well pagalguy a.k.a. is the admin..... the other mods are maverick a.k.a. anil, uRmad a.k.a. subbu, chandoo, monil, akhat, simba, wayne, zango and oxymoron a.k.a. girish
Well..... its pretty mu...
i hope i get my query clarified here.
can someone tell me who the mods r,
r they employed or r they automatically made one depending on their posts.
also tell me what r the various posts that will make u into addict, harcore pagal, etc.
u can change the setting whenever u want... but where did u see the default setting as "instant email"... it is set as "no email".. check again.
the life of any thread is until it serves gud purpose. If ppl start crapping it then mods will close it...
I am trying to add a thread to my signature as a hyperlink but everytime I use the it doesn't work and the link gets snapped. I noticed that the code "OFF" message appears on the "edit signature" page. Could this be the problem ? How do I turn it "ON"?
Couldn't find anything under the FAQs s...
great job
but i want to know few things 1) why it is so as to any thread default option is of instant email notification it really creates problem my suggestion is default shud be no email notifiacation if someone wants one ll change accordingly.
2) other thing is what is life of any thread...
hi radiance...listen - even i went made trying to fig out where to get my avataar pix from before i did this:
1. opened paintbrush and reduced the board size to abt a tenth of what it was.
2. drew the stuff u now see against my name - i wont get into describing it - use ur illusions!
3. ...
i m myself nt clear bout url thingie ......may be u hv to specify the url of ur avatar
but instead u can right click on the image which u want to keep as avatar, save it on ur computer and there directly upload the avatar from ur pc ...and yes b careful bout its resolution otherwise it will ...
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hey.. thanx for ur help.. but i still dont seem to be able to get it right.. how am i supposed to be downloading an image.. or when it asks for da URL.. wat r u supposed to right...
well to be honest tis a bit embarrassing to admit dat i cant get it right.. but well dats da truth.. hope u woul...
u can load ne avatar of ur choice by going to the user cp on the top left corner of the page or rather HERE
regarding rang thingie.....c it depends on the no. of posts u make
if its 30 u get promoted 4m newbie to expert
again above 100 u get promoted 4m expert to hardcore....and so on...
da information u guys gave here was fantastic..!! i couldnt imagine.. someone actually posted all da info so dat ppl like me can read it n make use of it..! it was great help..! Why ppl dont go thru dis "guide" , i cannot imagine.. jus one thing i couldnt get was how to go bout dis avtar business...
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thanks oxy..for that kinda understanding for the newbies..sincere apologies to the all the moderators..but trust us(the lot of the ignorant newbies that is..)we not despo to start a thread only to see it closed with a few weirdo comments..juz sheer enthusiasm..the site rox..so ppl wanna plunge ri...
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oh come on! Tell me the last time you actually went thro' a manual or "Rules" whenever you got a hardware or joined a community? Well I confess I dont do it voluntarily and it is safe enough to assume so doesnt almost 90% of the junta who join this forum. so the best we can do is guide them and p...
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Well each time a member joins, we used to send them a mail regarding the forum and lots of FAQs. And lookin at the way most of the n00bs behave once they join the forum, Its pretty obvious that no one goes through such intro mails. So I dont see any point in teaching them how to use the forum, wh...
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I have a small suggestion. This thread and along with many threads that are targeted for all the new joinees should also be put in FAQ section. They can be asked to go thru them so as to understand what this forum is all about.
Also if possible i would like to see this thread as Sticky in ALL ...
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guys.. is there a way by which u can make every new member to go thru this thread, n the other threads such as introduce yourself etc etc before they can actually start postin? cos no matter how many times v tell them not to post their mail ids, they end up doin that.. i'm assumin that they dont ...
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This thread has been re-opened as the thread starter asked me to. He is hoping for constructive feedback regarding this thread.
I REPEAT: NO messages saying "Good Work" will be tolerated, unless they are accompanied with suggestions.
QE: can you please add names of the threads along with t...
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