For Newbies: The HitchHiker's Guide To The Pagalguy.com superway PG Meets & Events

For Newbies: The HitchHiker's Guide To The Pagalguy.com superway
This primer is primarily meant for the newbies,old-but-still-not-comfortable,very-old-but-as-good-as-dead and the lost souls who come to ...
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Wish I joined this site earlier.
At least before orkut or fb :/
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sory guys found d ans. rite nw
how do i start a new thread
...let's c how long it takes 4 u guys to fix a major bug... and dat u weren't aware o it shows how professional u guys actually are.... it's in stark contrast to what u guys want us to believe or u ur self think to be.....
can u see? links working???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
this is d link..... i'd mentioned.....
You can't delete your posts though you may edit them any number of times.If you do wish to delete the post you can notify the post and it would be done.
Hope that helps.
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how can i delete my some irrelevent post??
It what does PG Dream Team, SSBT , PG MADCAPS actually mean. I mean the activities carried on around here..
And how to join
plz tell
alternatively ..
it would be of great help if you can provide the link..
how do i upgrade my level???
please use the thanks button to convey to the user that you found a post useful.The one you have posted is considered as spam
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hi Monali,
please continue on the following thread.
all the best.
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ne idea bout dec mat results
awesome oxy..saved me lotsa time..
well i am a member of PG for a month now... but still i was wondering what to do here, or where to start... this thread has really been an eye opener and now i will surely try to be more regular here... this is what i needed very badly.. the link to this thread should be somewhere on the homepage...
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You cannot change your username. This is your userid on PG. And if you open another id with the username you want, that's cloning, which is frowned upon here.
i wanted to know how i can change my user name??
You can view all of them
Just view your own profile. In there you can see
Find all posts by harenik
Find all threads started by harenik etc
hope that clears your query :D
I don't know if this issue has been addressed previously.
I would like to see all my posts so far. And my groaned at/groans/thanked/thanks posts.
User CP only lists the private messages sent/received.
Is this possible?
Please let me know.