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Hello 1 and all,
This is for all those puys who are in Kolkata and can't make it to mumbai for the AIPGM 2009 (m 1 among them)
Since by now those who are in kolkata are about to quit/ have graduated and those in other cities are returning back to the City of Joy, with ur destinations for th...
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yes it was a nice meet
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Had a very interesting meet with Rohit............Sukrit from IIFT also turned up....had a general discussion on y MBA......overall the meet was really nice.. got some grt ideas frm Rohit...hope to meet again soon.............
Kolkata PG Rocks
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meet is as scheduled.. 4pm pizza hut
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what about the meet?
meet is on schedule,i guess...hop in...
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Hi all,
Any update regarding meet with Rohit today??
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Thanks PG, Rohit, Sunny, Paresh, Tamal and Avinanda!! Really enjoyed the interaction!! Stay in touch!
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We(me,Avinanda,Tamal,Paresh) met Deval mam yesterday @ CCD,City Center. It was pretty informative & we
discussed a lot of things regarding MICA,including MICA specialisations,pedagogy,selection procedure & most
importantly what do profs look for in a student,when they selec...
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met that lady it was nice to meet her
after talking to deval mam and takenoprisoners the meeting is around 7.10 pm.it is final to?
very profitable initiative for all Kol puys.though I am down with viral fever but will certainly try to meet
TIME: 18th Sep,7.30 PM
If any more details are required,please PM/msg/call/mail me.
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This is an awesome opportunity for all of you. I had a brief chat with Deval Mam and she can meet all of you tomorrow ( Friday ) evening in Salt Lake.
I have asked takenoprisoners ( Sunny ) to get in touch with her and other Kolkata puys to coordinate this meet. Do not miss it!
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Hi All,
I have quickly read the rules and I am following No. 1 and 2 on 'Dos' on PG.
Trying to be helpful, after doing search options.
Am in Kolkatta and would like to help out anyone interested in MICA. If interested, send me a PM with your number and I will call you back.
Best Wishe...
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Posted the event on the Home Page of pagalguy.com, so we can expect few walk-ins too :)
PaGaLGuY.com - The Everything of MBA in India and Abroad, CAT 2009, GMAT, XAT, MAT - Meet Rohit a.k.a estranged_gnrs in Kolkata
Besides this, I also have been thinking a lot about the topic, "Ideas and E...
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I'll try my level best for the meet...have some work in the eve..still will try to sneak peek in...
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Please update the spreadsheet for the meet
Someone has deleted all the values by mistake or in jest.
So,please update it once more.
I will call up Pizza hut on friday and book the tables in advance,hence nee...
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dude what I heard from sunny is that rohit is looking forward to a long chat session with the kol puys....and when I say long, it's really long....so don't worry too much abt it...u won't miss the action even if the meet is not postponed to 5.
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I have AimCat from 2:30...so if other puys can manage then please postpone the meet time to 5:00..I JUST DONT WANNA TO MISS IT
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Please ensure an agenda ( with those points,that you wana discuss and get an input from Rohit). This will help you to get what you are expecting from the meet.
It is not the time for browsing questions or points to be discuss sitting in the meet,since exam is not very far. It would be...