Happy Birthday to Harry ! PG Meets & Events

Hiya Harry !
There you are pushing 23! You're getting old and in style [smiley]
Wishing you a Mighy Happy B'day and err well as your B'day present I've added some info the IIMB thread.
Till then, Have great time and happy partying.
Thanks a lot everybody ! :)

I'm really touched.. coz just now I saw this thread.. :shock:

I was down as I did not get a single IIM call.. :( (ofcourse the IIMA site is not opening, not that I am very hopeful though...)

I was really down in the dumps when luckily I came into the Chit-Chat section and saw this thread... :)

It really bought cheer back to me !

Really really touched by ur warm wishes people...

Ok bye guys and gals,

Bangalore :D
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ashwin.. u heard this sumwhere or is this by personal expereince ??
that's what i meant boss!!
arey.. replace smoke with 'dope'
happy birthday harry Best wirshes
Another belated response I guess.
Why drink and drive when
You can SMOKE and FLY??!!
hii harry
many many happy returns of the day:bday: nhav a blast buddy
hi HARRY wishing u a very happy birthday...best wishes
Happy birthday Harry!!! :bday: Have funnn!!!!
Hi Harish,
Wish U a Very Happy Birthday. Enjoy!
hi harry,
Wish you a very very happy birthday and a successful future.
Happy B'day buddy,
Have a great year :bday:
Happy :bday: to u! Happy Long life to u!
happy :bday: dear Harry!
May all ur wises come true!
:bday: Happy B'Day Harry :bday:
Wishing u a great year ahead
Happy Birthday Harry
hey harry
wishing u a very very happy b'day buds
njoyyyyy the day ..
Happy Birthday Harry :)
best wishes,
Happy Birthday Harry!!!
Yeah true..u might just spill your Beer...
And Do Not Drink and Derive either...