Finally Praneet Aneja is 21 "Happy Birthday" PG Meets & Events

Happy birthday Praneet Aneja!!the man who has visited more PG meets than his posts over the 2 years.
MHROTD and Congrats for KJ
HI guys,
Thanx for all the wishes , and sorry 4 being so late in my reply. by the way gandharva thanks for the gr8 pic of mine......:)..will thank you personally soon.
DO keep in touch. Bye for now. Tc
hmm..... Two minutes left for the day to change and the guy in question hasnt even posted yet.... i think the spammers need to take a lesson from this guy .. come on praneet , just one post ....
happy bday my man..have a gr8 yr and njoy mumbai atb
Hell, this is all we need ..... G II - any comments ?? and praneet bhai , atleast this thread deserves a post ...
Have a gr8 party!!
Saala why is everyone after you for treat,
a).Lots many kicks yaad hain????
b).And now that you've started copying a Certain Self Centered(me me) guy's(yeah thats me!!) Lingo guess that calls for Copy Right Infringement.
Pehle Record was JNU main khaana ab 3 baar JNU main khaana aur ek a...
saala , why is everyone after me for a treat ?? huh ?
i thought it was praneet's b'day...
Hey Praneet
n congrats for KJ. u din tel about KJ. so nw i want double treat.
Thanks ramseys
I was neary certain thats the guy , fir bhu why leave anything for doubt.. I heard u still havent taken the party from chaitanya ... and GG , u were supposed to join us on sunday kya hua ?
FOR people who don't recognise Praneet here's what he looks like barring the graffiti.
hi praneet,
wish you a very happy and a rocking birthday
Cs , is this the guy who wears specs and came for that cricket meet ...
ne how ki farak penda hain ..
all the best for KJ dude ...
Happy Birthday to praneet.........
He got KJ ? I didnt know that... Congrats for that too yaar... ahem..er..er...party ?