[Download] The PaGaLGuY Song Mp3 - PG Rock PG Rules! PG Meets & Events

On this momentous occasion of us turning 7, it is time we gave your iPods some serious MUZAK!
Presenting ladies and gentlemen, The PaGaLGuY Anthem - The PG Song
Download/Listen link - http://www.pagalguy.com/2009/09/listen-to-the-pagalguy-song/
Lyrics and for those who want, the chords, ...
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Hearing this song after a long time.. Again :clap:
X' 2013-15
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    Loved it !
    @The.Monk The PagalGuy song!!!...:
    apurv -- awesome man !
    Super Duper Likes
    nice song but I don't know Hindi....
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    I want more
    Please next song bnao
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    awesome work
    PG rocks
    Awesome man!!! too much this song truly describes a true pagal. Especially this line is gud in this song :"Office mein pehli baar jab thoda maine LAN;Pehla tha post mera aur ho gaya main ban".PG Rocks PG Rules. I am getting addicted to this site like anything and never know this song existed till...
    Just heard this. Great work Apurv & Tati.
    So was the remix version released? The comments on the main page have crossed the 100 mark.
    - Sameer
    MBA Crystal Ball
    Such a beautiful song.
    Great work.. Hehe
    This is so amazing
    I didn't know this even existed !!!!
    It's !!!!
    awesome stuff..:)
    I listened 2 d PG Anthem 2 day !!! and My O My wat a song
    PG Rockz !!!! Hats off to both of u ....
    awesome song hai ji..
    Heard this song live for the first time in AIPGM.
    Its an amazing song...
    Feels proud to be a puy
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    Is this still on?
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