All India PG Meet 2009 [AIPGM] at Mumbai on 23rd/24th May! PG Meets & Events

Hello Puys... here is a brief snapshot of the years gone by....All India PG Meets, fondly called AIPGM have been the biggest event for us in the last years'. Lot of people have said, it was the best day of their life. Do read the links given below to read the experiences of people during the AIPG...
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Did I mention that I will be attending the meet on either dates?
Doing so in this spam.
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I guess this gonna be the first AIPGM that I attend!
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I'll be there for SURE. Else you can strip me off my mod-ship. LOL!
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/me should be able to make it
Lemme know if I can help in some way or the other! :)
My 2nd!
Off bunk karna pade to to bunk kar ke bhee; I'll be there
And that leads to me chipping in!!
GROND - APURV - GNRS - MAHIPWA agar kuch bhi kaam ho to let me know....
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Super idea! :-D
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I'll be there too! Like last year, we'll try to again put up a live rock concert on the venue - AND we'll release the audio CD of the PG Song (PG rocks PG rules yahin to mera jahaan). Tati, chuck - are you listening?
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Similar problem for me have Alumni get together!!:-(
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guess i could drop in
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Will be there
Will be nice to catch up with Puys.
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After the change of dates, you can count me in
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Get 'em all along to the AIPGM. I'm sure all K junta at some point or the other must have logged on to PG
Good to know my GMail spam is getting results. Welcome back, fellow Mellu!
*Chuck* (bold pun intended)
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I will be in Mumbai from 30th April. 23rd May sounds good. Problem is we might have a b-school get together the same weekend
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Looks like the PG Ahmedabad meet is going to finally happen in Mumbai, eh?
Reminds me of the PG Kochi meets...
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Tumhara hi intezar tha
Well, we looking for the Puys who joined this year and are in Mumbai for the volunteership. It is the new users who bring the different flavor and enthusiasm to the AIPGM, so where are you guys?
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I'll be there ... my 4th AIPGM
If any help is required in logistics, etc. then let me know.
I am in Bombay from 8th of May
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yeah wala AIPGM bhi nahi attend kar apunga....
23 tak exams hai!!!! :banghead:
ek 2 hafte postpone kar do na!!!!!!!!!
Finally, after missing 3 AIPGMs I'm finally coming for one :-D
EDIT: Please keep it on 23/24 itself. I'm working on odd-numbered weekends.
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Most Probably I am also in !!!
Frst Meet for me !
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