All India PG Meet 2009 [AIPGM] at Mumbai on 23rd/24th May! PG Meets & Events

Hello Puys... here is a brief snapshot of the years gone by....All India PG Meets, fondly called AIPGM have been the biggest event for us in the last years'. Lot of people have said, it was the best day of their life. Do read the links given below to read the experiences of people during the AIPG...
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Now everything is fixed from our end. Here are the details -

Venue - Arnala Beach Resort , Arnala Beach Arnala Beach Resort - Near from Mumbai and located on the sands of Arnala Beach.

Dates : 23rd/24th May 2009

The Plan :

How to reach

Puys can reach the place by one of the 4 ways -

1> They get in the PaGaLGuY bus at 12 Noon from Sion, PG Headquarters.
2> They reach the Virar station by themselves anytime between 12 Noon to 4 PM and we will pick them up from there. The resort is 7 Kms from Virar station.
3> They grab their own vehicle and land at the resort.
4> Out station people, who are coming by flight, will be picked up from the airport.

What's in Store

Lots and lots of insanity. Interactions between the old puys and the new ones. Alumni and current students from Wharton, ISB, IIMs and other B-Schools, members of UDTs and DTs and lot of other Puys with whom we have interacted on PaGaLGuY.

Also, a rock show by Apurv and the gang. Trust me it is going to be one good thing and re-release of the PG meri jaan song.

Lunch and Dinner on 23rd, breakfast and lunch on 24th

A big big pool, waterslides to just soak yourself into it.

Indoor games like billiards, carrom etc.

IPL T20 ( Insane PaGaL League ) match between the teams formed on 24th Morning.

Discotheque to dance our blues away at night.

And the beach

But most important of all, meeting the Puy junta!

We have Mahip, Grondmaster and other volunteers to make this more exicting for you and they are working on some exciting activities as we speak!

Now, the cost...

It's Free! PaGaLGuY has decided that we will take care of all the expenses as soon as you reach Mumbai. All the expenses for accomodation and food will be taken care of. Now still you have an excuse?

So this is the plan people. Please fill this form so that we know who is coming and plan the logistics accordingly. We can have maximum of 100 people, so fill it quick.

If you are coming to the meet, click here to confirm and book a place for you!

Also , please continue on this thread - http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/pagalguy-community-events-pg-meets/39509-finalised-all-india-pagalguy-meet.html#post1513547!

I am not an MBA, hence; I have to use my brains.
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count me in.................
thank u
Tati will not be able to make it....he has his training going on during that period along with some competetive exams during that time....so Tati is out....still not sure about myself
To keep an update you can have another Google Spreadsheet
I am also in, mostly..Provided i stay in Pune itself that time around. But i will try moi best to make it..This is something not to miss..
Count me in .. !! Mumbai - But will be there only for one day .. either 23rd or 24th.. Anyway I don't wanna miss this chance!
I think I should be able to make it ...first ever AIPGM
2 2
Update : Moi and Apurv will be going for recce tomorrow morning. Hopefully the venue, costs incurred etc will be finalised in 2-3 days.
Tentatively, I can count around 50 puys by now who will be there. Who else is coming? :sneaky:
1 1
Won't be able to make it. Summers in Chennai. Too far. Bangy rakhna chahiye tha is baar. It would have been better had we switched the venues between these two years :-P
Just realized that 23rd is maah Alumni meet ... my 1st ever as in Alumni
Might just be able to do a 24th half AIPGM salvo ... but am almost sure to miss all the fun on the 23rd ...
2 2
@Apurv....will tell Tati about the meet once he is in Delhi for his training...
1 1
Just get all the Pune puys together, load them in a towing van and bring them along!
2 2
Count me in as wellllll.... do let me know if i can help any way here frm Pune?
2 2
I will definitely be there...Being in Mumbai ,I can not afford to miss this one..
My 1st ever AIPGM
2 2
Will be there on 23/24th
2 2
Of course !
3 3
Err.. If i bring someone along .. is it ok ?
2 2
Unofficial confirmation posting in the thread to the make it official
Pune puys
2 2
Me in too ...
I am generally free in life. So my services are available at your disposal
3 3
I can't even dare to think about it .
Nice build up till now! The list as of now of the people who will be coming -
1 navneet023
2 akkyagarwal
3 profootball25
4 try4it
5 vivekkahn
6 lordsom
7 prem_ravi
8 grondmaster
9 garkrohit
10 ...
2 2