[8th April] : Prem Unkil Ke Ghar PG Bangaluru Meet PG Meets & Events

Hey y'all...
After being practically begged by everyone (lol) to open a new thread for the Bangalore puys on the auspicious occasion of both Baby and tHE_constantine visiting the Silicon city of India...
Here it is..
Feel free to Write the dates, timings, Venues, discussions, orders, etc...
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Kudos dude....
bloody chaat buggers.. coulda called me up or something..
would have come as was mostly vella yesternite..
anyways... Krishanu leaving today... n so its a sad day for bangy...
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Had a mini-meet with Krishanu and Max yest (Roso bhai didnt turn up )...
Met up at Jayanagar 4th Block near CoolJoint at around 7:35 pm . Maxi came around 10 min later... we proceeded to Shiv Sagar and had a nice talk about da normal results, and how it has been goin on for evryone, over steam...
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by the way... Krishanu wud miss many people in Bangalore... and the person who wud be in the top of that list wud be... ahem ahem... who wants to complete me?
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Absolutely concur with this...:) ....Sorry for the late post though.........
I am sure all of us who are remaining will have a huge-huge reason to celebrate the Next time.....And we can also have some quality booze flowing...:drinking:....with soooo many contributors.... ....
In the mean t...
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Including our addicted Pagal - Mufasa
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Awesome meet.... was so nice to meet Prem_Ravi's family... And a great treat... Really hope that all those who are left get a chance to play hosts in the next BIG partyyy...
-Mufasa Resurrected
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/me seconds ashishyahoo on 2 counts
1. stupid french beard
2. krishanu is leaving the city too soon..
but with plans to attend the AIPGM no matter where it happens, I am sure we haven't seen the last of the stocky, talkative bengali with moustache like naththulal!!!
rock on dude... ...
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Its always bugging to miss a PG meet - that too when it has been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good !!! :)
U rock guys - this was the first time after comin to Bangalore dat I missed a biggie meet...
@Prem - will see to it that i visit ur house soon... :)
@Anarchy - y da stupid frenc...
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Thanks a lot Mahip....
Being on the otherside of the table(host) is always a great feel...
Right from yesterday morning, my wife made me to run to the shop every now & then (ingredients required for the dishes she prepared)....
It was a fantastic evening & we will miss Krishanu from here...
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Amazing enthu people!
Prem sir Awesome spirit!!
Keep it up Bangalore PGites!
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This is the entire gang!!! with aspire coming in somehow (look near prem unkill)
a different angle with abhi_g1 leading!!!
A cluster of puys... no idea what was being talked abt
what goes around, comes around!!! ends with another picture of the decorations!!!
and done... thats all...
zip file
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aaah... the second last round man!!! :|
Guess Rosso was the only one who managed to scare the cutie pie!!! :sly:
What was I thinking of while taking this photo??? aah... Bill n Krishanu!!!
The surroundings of Bombay Post were nice... *ahem ahem* (psst: look behind prem unkill.. n guess ...
zip file
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Abhishek .. pls put up the pics of Bombay post bhai ... I am far too eager to see my pics
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no points for guessing who the better half is... ;)
The evercaring Krishanu...
The new dude is raul_v20 aka rahul!!! :)
Two NITTIANS to the core
zip file
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wokies... some more
And YET another Group photo??? :wow:
Guess who was the cynasure of all eyes in our meet??? ;)
Cyborg thinks a lot... n 666 is always RED... :sneaky:
No no no.... mufasa is not leaving.. he stayed till late remember?? :biggrin:
zip file
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The next few photos
Finally I have arrived as well normal discussions n Pakodas galore!!
Amru Rosso Cyborg n Krish (L2R)
The PG Family :love: :hugs:
All of us look good together
zip file
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Ok.. but if I upload the pictures here... No one will be able to "see" them!!!
so tell u what..
am uploading the pics on
here's the image cave photos!!!
Prem Unkill actually decorated the house like this
The puys sitting (who arrived o...
zip file
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One IMPORTANT thing that was missed out in previous posts...
"Rosso's bonus is more than Krishanu's annual salary"
PUYS, what r u waiting for??? Next time u see Joydeep... u know what to do
PS: Thanks to Krishanu, I quit daaru...
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Bhai log,
I was planning to draft the entire meet but abhi ne woh kaam kar diya... and billy ke peeche jo kutta tha, usse bhi nahin choda... isse achcha varnan toh bahut mushkil hai...
Kudos to prem bhai again for the gubbaras and decoration. Prem bhai, ur daughter is very expressive and v...
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