[8th April] : Prem Unkil Ke Ghar PG Bangaluru Meet PG Meets & Events

Hey y'all...
After being practically begged by everyone (lol) to open a new thread for the Bangalore puys on the auspicious occasion of both Baby and tHE_constantine visiting the Silicon city of India...
Here it is..
Feel free to Write the dates, timings, Venues, discussions, orders, etc...
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Pranam billi...
Tati..110% v can meet on monday...
Can a meet not happen before 20th ?
I am in town now and flying for mumbai on 20th (1730 hrs)
Will miss all u guys... so many days away from PG was like really missing something...
Nice to hear that tati is in town [ esp after prem unkill's descrip.]
PS: curtz b...
Aaah - Bangalore meets ... will miss them now... :(
Have fun guys.. - keep it rockkkin :)
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guys lets have a meet on 24th. Whomsoever wishes to join, post your confirmation here. Someone PM nee of the mods for the change in the thread title. Like last time lets catch up at Amoeba, and from there take a call on future course of action.
Tati after the meet we'll take you to a raaaawkin...
Prem anna...I'm in bangy till the 26th of this month.
Will it be possible for u to meet on Monday?
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thanq annai
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we will have a meet when u r here..dont worry somanchi...
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moi comin to bangy in 27th got postponed so most probably not able to meet
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Abhey Tati...
Till when r u here..Iam back from Tirupathi on sunday night (24)..dont runaway before that...
@abhi...Abhey yaar..thread ka naam tho badalva..mera ghar mae meet hua huae 2 mahina ho gaya...
ahem ahem you in bangy , how come bro
p.s: Well it is the most insane city i believe
I'll be there for the 24th of June...
Count me in for the meet.
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bhai logo jala rahe ho kya?? :(
missing all the fun we had there
anyways enjoy it to the max....
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Hey curtz,
You are the true torch-bearer of insanity in Bangalore
Me game any day.
Won't it be a good idea to start a new thread for the new season? This one is too old.I'm sure PG has enough server space for it Also please add a poll option for the date,if the junta have a problem.
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guys its been a while since the city witnessed some InsanitY ....lets have a meet on 24th June 2007 - Sunday. Its a tentative date...post ur opinions....lets have another party
Mituag: is baar wine ki bottle lana mat bhoolna :razz:
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There were big plans.... there were big expectations....
and finally what happened....???? i was not able to attend the much awaited meet..:neutral::neutral:
was stuck in some family issue....and was not even able to join you all on dinner..:neutral:
reached home and crashed... but yest...
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not a bad idea at all anarkali bahiaya
count me in ,tab takk IIm ke rsult bhi aa jaynege aur aap ka bhi bakra katenge
and could i ask mahip to change the name again
to mitu unkil ke ghar bengalaroo meet
because of this post of Mitu...
I propose that the next meet is in his house... the coming weekend (provided the results are out???)
what say puys...
don't forget... bhabhiji se abhi tak nahi mile hain...
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saale ass-his... mereko phone ghuma diya hota... i stay in jayanagar buds...
next time se aisa galti kiya to anarkali bohot badi sazaa denga...
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