[20thdec] Happy birthday seba_caterpillar( sbt 2011) PG Meets & Events

Wishing you a very happy birthday bro...Wish you a great year ahead [smiley] [smiley] [smiley] [smiley]
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p.s. sorry, missed the bdt in thread's name :(
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Wish you belated Happy B'day!

May God bless you! :D
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Happy birthday Seba!
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Aare puylog
maana mein 27 ka ho chuka hu, lekin abhi bhi dil se bachcha hi hu
Sir / Saar mat bolo :nono:, ajeeb sa feel hota hai
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Seba saar's budday
:oops: sorry for being late I am somehow surviving without internet from last 3-4 days :|
Wish you a very very happiee wala budday
May god bless you with loadz of happiness and success
Hope you had a great day and have a superb year ahead. May you get into t...
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Thanks a lot puys
You made my day really special, I even shared this thread with my family, who were not knowing what PG is all about. Now my family knows a lot about my second family .
Thank you once again .
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Happy B'day Dost
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Wish You A Very Happy Birthday !!
Enjoy !!!
Hope you have a wonderful year !
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Happy Birthday seba sir.
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Happy bday to one of my favorite puys.....:):)
I hope u get thru to the college of ur dreams this year....:)
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Happyyyy B'dayyy Seba Sir
One of the most helpful puy out here. You tell him about your problem , he will do anything to resolve it. :)
May you live long & achieve your dreams
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seba bhai
you are an inspiration to many
just keep spreading your charm
have a blast
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Happy B'day SBT !
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Enjoy your day
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May this year bring the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly. Flying free in the dream college.
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Happy birthday
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Happy Birthday Sebba bhai
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Like tht cake....... m coming fr tht
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many many happy returns of the day have a rockin' day
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Many many happy returns of the day Seba da:cheers:
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