[2010] PaGaLGuY Coolest Avatar Contest - Vote for your favorite avatar! PG Meets & Events

After one week of intense campaigning and nominations we have woohoo! 43 nominations! :shocked: Firstly, a big shake your booty dance for everyone who nominated themselves! [smiley]
Just to sum it up, out of 43 nominations, 23 got at least one vote. Out of 11 judges, 10 could send their f...
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Abhi tak post karna bandh nahi kiya junta

Thread closed!!
My old signature does not fit here :(
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Contest went great...
After so many days of hard work they all deserved
and the rest too joined
After party
It was just they were preparing for AIPGM, rest was all silent.
Well almost
Wahan se bohat door, duniya ke ek koney mein .....
Refer ---> Bees kos duurr
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Main pal do pal ka shayar hu !
pal do pal mere kahani hai !
pal do pal mere hasti hai !
pal do pal mere jawani hai !
mujh se pahle kitne shayar !
aaye or aaker chale gaye !
kuch aahe bhar kar laut gaye !
kuch nagme gaakar chale gaye !
wo bhi ek pal ka kissa they !
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I agree..hats off to P@galguy for the effort..
the name was really desirable..just needed a little packaging..infact i think my username was very easy to market..others needed different thing to associate to and market because of a mundane user name ;)..i could associate my username to lot of ...
10 10
A wonderful contest on PG... something different from the mundane activities of inquiries about the colleges....
I was really looking forward for the Pagalguy to win.... who fired all cylinders and came from behind to lead the voting... From out of nowhere.. he reached a point where it was hig...
7 7
Well well welll.... my first post in the world of geeks...
Congos bhatiya bhaai for a well deserved win......
While working on the hate anthem I never thought that the real story behind this is so exciting.....
Mujhe to ab jaak pata chala ki kya awesome competition chal raha tha....
9 9
Congrats The_Hate...
All the others did gud work.....
i m loving this......:)
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Whatttay kaan-test Please excuse natural spammer for a long post
Nominated myself by changing my existing avatar ... thought to give judges something in avatar by which they can connect with me easily
Nomination post of hate was brilliant... sure shot one of the finalists ... thought ...
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I remember AC, that was a joke ;)
BTW - the best part was the mail* sent by abhi1max1 today morning ROTFL
* Only the insane judges and CEC know about this part
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Congratulations to all the Contestants!:)
A special congratulations to the_hate for winning this amazing contestant, which to me is one of the most unique contest to be help on world wide web, i wont be getting into long speeches to explain the logic behind my bold statement but would make it...
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Congrats hate. Glad to know that mera vote kaam aaya
7 7
heard about coolest avatar contest.
Nominated myself.
Found out doc and naga aren't in competition; thought hate would anyways help me (:splat:) and got in chill mood.
Many people(no names :|) contacted me saying they will get me votes and I am already going to win this <...
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It was actually opposite situation, if you remember correctly. I had to ask "judges" to STOP voting.
9 9
Well well well.... What a kaantest it was
Warning - Its a long post you you might sleep reading it :D
I woke up today morning and while logging on gmail I thought mails from AC would be waiting - "judges, aaj ke top 3 posts bhejo"
Alas - this amazing contest is now over, the last two ...
22 22
So Junta.......The GREAT CREATIVITY SHOW is Over....We have got Our own
PG Idol.........
i.e. the_hate aka Abhishek Bhai......... :cheers:
It was a great experience for me and kudos to all the Creative Junta......
I would like to Thank
Haresh Bhai
20 20
PG Singh always believes in 1st position chahe woh uppar se ho ya niche se
Anyway kudos to the top three!!:D
And 'the_hate' ,you had put in a lot,well deserved first place Congrats!!:D
Keep The Insanity alive
23 23
Hate deserves a special mention, Congrats Bhai ... You truely deserved to win!
Since the number 1,2,3,4s of the contest have spoken their minds, I feel the stage is all set for me
Wadda week sir jee .... Power Packed :cheerio:
Main j...
21 21
Wow! The Roller coaster ride finally ends! I "hate" to admit it but the_hate had to win!! Kudos to your creativity man! Before I go about on the thank you speeches, I would like to mention that,anything that was said or written on the thread was all in pure jest and no personal offence intend...
24 24
Congratulations hate
Dude you deserved to win! from your first post to last post there was creativity in every post and no doubt you ought to win it. Hats Off to you! :thumbsup:
Now coming to Da vinci Poda cause we sell soda was never gonna to be possible without hate, PC, PP, BLuffu, Al...
23 23
congratulation to the_hate aka abhishek bhai
To other contestants better luck next time.....
Finally creativity wins :clap:
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