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Welcome to PaGaLGuY. Read the rules and guidelines of posting below. For a general understanding of the forum and how it works, visit this link.
Rules/FAQ for the forum. A maximum of three warnings for any user not following the below rules.
0. Advertising (direct or surrogate), gene...
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Few more guidelines for new members and a revision for the old ones. Thanks to Indian_Noble for coming up with this.

Post Content

1. Avoid using slang and SMS language it makes you look immature and is considered a breach of forum etiquette .

2. keep to the thread topic do not hijack other threads by redirecting the flow of discussion .

3. Avoid colored or different styles and sizes of font and do not post in CAPS

4. No Power-Posting/Empty Posts . Do not post empty or useless responses, such as just lol or cool. Only post responses when you have something to contribute.

5. Cross-Posting
Cross-posting is posting the same question multiple times in different sections. This is a waste of resources and is not permitted.


6. Do not quote a post when you are posting directly below it . Quote only the sections of the posts you are replying to .

7. Take great care to post in the relevant sections especially when creating new threads .

8. Act in a give and take manner; help others as often as or more than you ask for help.

9. Avoid posting when you are emotional you will almost definitely regret those posts .

I am not an MBA, hence; I have to use my brains.
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Visitors Messages ( Thanks to cute.sid for coming up with the idea and writing them out )
1. Personal Information like email id, phone no. etc. are not to be posted. If you want to contact the user, use the "private messaging" option.
2. Profanities used can well lead to a ban.
3. Links ...
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Signature Rules
1> The signature should be not more than 4 lines. The members are requested to keep their signatures clean,short and in moderate fonts.
2> No personal information like email id/phone numbers.
3> Profile links from any social network. ( e.g. Orkut, Facebook, Twitter ) is a...
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Thanks/Groan Guidelines
Thanks You can Thank a post in the following scenarios
A post guiding a newbie about the activities on pagalguy.
A post which gives immense value to a discussion or provides critical information.
A post which is in length and presents its ...
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Well its high time all the n00bs hv a pee-ka-boo at the rules and guidelines of the forum before posting/starting new threads.
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Rules Updated. Please be thorough with them before posting.
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C'mon now Adiieu!!
You still part of that team..you were first to volunteer! So credits to you as well!!
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PG..the credit should go ONLY to Praveen and Sambar....moi has been vey busy with work for the past 2 days and contributed zilch to the above...
But Praveen and Samba....great work guyz :):)
Hope PG-ites implement the above set of rules
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Major thanks to Sambar, Praveen and Adiieu for creating the above set of rules for the forum.
I personally would ask the forum members, old and new to adhere to the above tenets. If a newbie makes a mistake, please send him/her back to this post. If need be, quote the specific rule as a rep...
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