The XLRI Alumni Thread - XMEN 2(005) Released Life @ B-Schools

this is a small sized version..to view the FULL size banner...or for fellow XLers to d/load...here's the link..http://www.geocities.com/syko_ceramic/matrics.swf
friends, romans and my fellow Indian XLers....
post your raves, rants(hope t...
As usual I forgot to set the permissions for this forum and thats why we can see the guest post above. Its been set now and only registered users can post in the forum.
Sorry for the goofup guys.
If you are joining XLRI2005 batch, join xlers2005 group at yahoogroups
Hi all XLers and wannabes,
chek this out ...
Though I wud hv preferred not to lean on name-tags - I guess the avatar is the best way out - till we get our institute email-ids
PS: the idea of this post was to see the changed look of my avatar --