XIMB's amazing comeback with 100% placements! Life @ B-Schools

eXuberance 2004!!! That's the title we've given our placement week, or rather, day, I should say! 104/118 on Day 1!!!! The rest out on Day 2!!! As placement coordinator, I now have the delightful job of calling up companies(and this includes some real big names) planning to visit us in the next t...
great news this one.....

hope ximb continues this trend....

keeping my fingers crossed by the way
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hi dude,
if it is not too much trouble, cud u tell me which function PWC recuited for and how many they took?
Good research hedonist. You are right about one thing - the PR was BAD!!! The person who gave the information to ET was in no way involved in the placement process directly, and I'm still pissed about it. Now the questions -
1. No foreign placement - not true; Insight Asia, a Jakarta based c...
Great post there Hedonist
Btw: Did u apply to XIMB ?
If Yes : Good Research :thumbsup:
If No : Then why are you bothered ??
News clipping from EconomicTimes
XIM Bhubaneswar records 100% placements
KOLKATA: All the students graduating this year from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, have been offered jobs by established companies, the maximum salary offered being Rs 12 lakh per annum.
Chairman of ...
2 2
Hi dude, I suppose you are asking about the PGPRM(rural mgmt) programme at XIM. They have around 60 seats for that - companies are all NGOs/Agro-based and some marketing firms. 100% placement is the norm as this is the 2nd best rural management programme in India. Salaries range from 1lakh/annum ...
Hey Anil, there's 120 seats for PGP.
well prabhu..
can u shed more light about placements of ximns pgdrm programme.like what all compnies..whats their offer?lowest/highest offer etc?
and btw sathya..
how many seats for PGP in XIMB ?
Thanks machan. Hope you make it to XIMB and I can get to "rag" you next year!!!
Hi Anil, I'm still in the first year and can sit for placements only after one more year. However, the culture in XIMB is that the first years coordinate the placements of the second years, and hence I'm as happy as the second years who got placed!
Some of the 60-odd companies that particip...
hey sathya
congrats of getting placed...tho i still dont know the company
and which all companies took part in the placement program ???
so ur efforts as placement coordinatir have borne fruits...
great work...keep it up..
hope XIMB gives me GD/PI call....