Life @ XLRI - GMP(1 year program) Life @ B-Schools

Purpose of the thread is to reflect all the happenings in XLRI : GMP ( 1-year program of XLRI) and bring the memories , yaadien of seniors, current batch n coming batches on a common platform. It's different from 2-years as we have to manage all the things in 1-year.
All the mastee in hostel, ...
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Dear GMPin’s,

Tomorrow, most of us would have completed one month here in XL, 14 more to go! When I look back, I become more and more confident that coming here was one of the best things happened to me in the long time. Everything that I imagined, is happening here (albeit at a faster pace!), be it ice-breaker and birthday parties on campus or Saturday night wet parties at some resto in Bistupur , or the endless discussions about forming committees or otherwise or Sunday morning football matches. Loving every bit of it! The moments captured in those pictures may not tell the whole story, but when we’ll get hold of them ten years from now, we’ll surely relive these wonderful, unforgettable moments. Sometimes, I feel, given any random the date and time in the last one month and I would be able to recollect what I was doing exactly!

Merely a month and we have it all: from anxious moments before first marketing quiz or speech in MCN class to late night case analysis to just a pleasing stroll post dinner around the lush-green campus. The zenith, I must say came on the adventure trip, when we returned exasperated with every bone and muscle in the body paining, yet with a smile on the face , as if we have won a war ! That, one of the kind experience, provided fresh lease of life and will be etched strongly in our memory.

When 120 best brains in the country throng, differences in opinion are bound to happen, but the way we have handled some of the natural (adventures on the adventure trip) and man (profs) made challenges, with so much ease and bonhomie, only makes my belief stronger that ‘the best is yet to come’. They say, it takes a moment to ‘click’ with someone and, XL has provided aplenty and continues to do so. The bridges of friendship we have built in such a short span of time, amidst of all those dreadful words like “product cannibalization” and “better mousetrap fallacy”, is simply amazing. Those cerebral discourses in classrooms and around the dining table have now become the order of the day. On the surface, it seems any other class in a b -school of XL’s league, but with every passing day you find, many more poets, singers, dancers, musicians and sportsmen. Yeah, it’s surely gonna be transformation batch.

Life surely doesn’t look easy with the news about the sluggish economy emerging every other day, on one hand and so many assignments and quizzes giving those ominous look every other hour, on the other hand but yes, with those endless leg-pulling sessions and laughter in store, I’m sure we’ll leave no stone unturned to get there.. Where we truly belong. Remember the lines “I have a dream, a song to sing…”?

Come Alive...Come XLRI !!



Dipak Haridas

XLRI-GMP (2012-13)

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    exams went without any hassels.There was really any feeling of exams.
    Back to the campus for 10 days and will leave after convocation. There are few people to give the company. Few have already joined their respective organizations. Few are in their homes with wives/parents/kids/ friends....
    "flirt" with "a" boy.... :nono::nono::nono:
    Just a couple of aberration in point no. 9.... "Flirt" with "a" guy... ?
    2nd exam...went well with some tricks
    3rd and 4th term had been relaxing as compared to 1st and 2nd term. we had to give 2 exams on a day and ho holiday, but with electives comes holidays also.
    4 more exams to go n 1 assignment, but I would first go n play badminton.
    I doubt, Point 6 wish would come true. You will have to be really bad for that :)
    First exam of last end term was a cool. Not so tough and open book worked well for us.
    Planning for last day's party has taken the first place and exams/ assignment is on the back seat. :cheers::cheers::cheers...
    My bucket list of GMP: -
    1. stay up entire night and do nothing - check
    2. give exams with no preparations - check
    3. learn to play tt - check
    4. sleep in class - check
    5. go drunk to class - check
    6. Get a 'D' and an 'A' - I will be getting a D in investments so - check!
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    Hazaaron Khwahishein Aisee Ke Har Khwahish Pe Dam Nikley, Bahut Nikle Mere Armaan Lekin Phir Bhi Kam Nikle !!!
    Its been a wonderful one year and im gonna miss it forever !!!
    Today is last day of my MBA at XLRI and now my college is officially over today. I don't know whether to smile or to feel sad. It was a "great experience" being here at XLRI... how Time changes and how Life keeps moving on without a pause. People come..People go. We laugh, we cry....Life is beaut...
    Appeared for last quiz without any preparation :P
    Quiz was of 10 minutes duration, but was over in 30 seconds. It was very heartening to see that I was not alone.
    End Term starts from tomorrow and will sit at night to prepare for tomorrow's exam as currently, into an assignment.
    n yes, ...
    Truly echo your sentiment buddy. Unfortunately, I did something for the first time in my life. I slept through the entire morning classes. Feeling guilty about it but can't help it now.
    Today, we will have our last classes.
    XLRI khatam ...next week : we will appear for exams for last time n then we will have fun for last time....n then bye bye
    Proff. Sharad Sarin conducted a YOGA SESSION for us on the first day and it ended with YOGA SESSION, but there was a difference.
    The first investment exam...40 marks...30 mins...hilarious post-exam reaction...the hall filled with laughs...oh yes there were few people pleading the invigilator to given the extra 30 seconds...but majority said, please take the paper...The good news, 1 assignment and 2 more investment exams to...
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    Our GMP course is going to get over... Can't believe time has passed so quickly... I still remember the first day here and all the time spent here and it will always be in my memory
    Ohhhh..buddy! I dont need any "STATISTICAL" or "STRATEGIC ANALYSIS" to back my comments. Its happening in front of me, rather em a part of it. parties in D block are a norm and it hapeens every now and then.
    C block is so ...other day, I visited so called "charlie" - C block and guess what, I...
    Mr. Arora, Your comment is not backed up with statistical or strategic analysis. Did you do a competitor analysis for C & D Block or did you calculate the variation between the parties among both the floors.
    I have done this and only through reliable facts have qouted this.
    Well, it hasn't been case this year.:nono::nono::nono: Its D - "Devil" block which is notorious this year and take the lead. No specific room. Its 3rd and 4th floor, holding parties and doing fun.
    The "Charlie" Floor's parties have been famous since GMP inception and the legacy continues. Be it the parties on the terrace or the 4th floor common room (D-39)....
    That was a good one, Doctor! cheeeeerio......
    Hi friends,
    This is my first post at PG.
    I remember going through all the PG posts before joining XLRI (posts by all the GMP aspirants) and now going through the posts of fellow GMPians....Its been such a wonderful experience in the interim..and before I realise this, our course is almost d...
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