Life @ tiss (straight from our hearts) Life @ B-Schools

Hey folks , here you have a thread to cater to all your queries about the life at TISS as HRM & LR students .
you can shoot a variety of queries like:
1. The hostel accomodation availability and how to go about it.
2. The lovely campus (by the way we have 2 campuses). [smiley]
3. Th...
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ponnu1100 hey please throw some light in to the scope of rural deve.... 03 Feb.
Vcrack Do hostel facility at TISS avaliable for each and every s.... 20 Feb.
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To make Life @ TISS more memorable, 2011-13 HR batch have started few initiatives for HR students, which include - Movie group(Screen movies based either Business Mgmt or HR Mgmt and have a discussion on the same), Article group(Read latest trends and their effect in management and followed by di...
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hey guyz m interested to get my management studies done in HR....done with my BE last yr (2010 batch)....
do u think TISS is ri8 option...if yes when is the admission test conducted and what is the syllabus...???
Posting after a long hiatus ..
Its a great feeling to see people like Anchun n Hemanth keeping this thread alive n rocking with their first year experiences...Sort of takes me back to when I was in first year...Megh Mudra, Manthan, FC rigour ( or the lack of it) blah blah ....
Come 2nd year...
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Continuition from previous post:
Finally submitted the assignment at 5:30 Am ..(YUP...had done night out for assignment which hardly takes 2 hrs to complete)
And then went for playing Badminton and later GYM (only to loose all matches at badminton and sleep in GYM)
Came back at 8 and tho...
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Quick updates:
we got an interesting assignment for our BE assignment (dead line is 12 Am..yup another 24 min) its about watching the movie "CORPORATE" and answering some questions connecting it to some techniques....
done with the first part(yup....watching the movie * shameless*)
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hahahah...very true ..
All the promises we made of starting regularly were gone in thin air immediately after the exam
and the reason for not knowing the name is that the exam we had is on india,democracy....... and we call it in short FC3 (foundation course 3,there are 3 in total)
the n...
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Finally...one of the end semester exams is over. All of us are relieved as if we have finished our course :D. Good thing in Masters courses, including TISS, is faculty has the full freedom on how and when to conduct exams and how should be the split of class participation.
The exam we have fi...
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This friday(5th August), college is organizing a live concert by Pandit Shree Hari Prasad Chaurasia. We are fortunate enough to get this opportunity and it is free for all the students.
But sad part is we have a final exam on Saturday morning. Still, I am planning to go for it .
P.S.: The c...
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mera post acchi tarah padho!!
i dint go for the field work today (fever!!!)
and you know what!! pehli chutti li and raymond se call agayi
mera post acchi tarah padho!!
i dint go for the field work today (fever!!!)
and you know what!! pehli chutti li and raymond se call agayi
Not to forget about of crates of empty bottles..
Oy saloni, u are not supposed to post updates while in field work..
kaam kar...
will come out with a detailed post later...
aaj bahut maja ayatha field work me...
doing budgeting for employee engagement for a unit..
so made calls ...
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******THE FRESHERS PARTY********
friends it was an awesome fun!!!
everything everything about yesterday night was like a huge adrenaline rush!!! the music, the food, the dancing, the pagalpantiya......mza aygya!!
seniors arranged a wonderful welcome party :)( love them)
we all got ...
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our final exam on foundation course (which is divided into 2 parts) is on next saturday...Yup its the final exam
And we were given a briefing on the paper...on one part which has weightage of 50 marks...and 5 questions of 10 marks..they expect us to write answers of atleast 500 words:w00t:
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good to see some activity here
Life at TISS thread is gonna rock for that we now have "Myself saloni" here
every one forgot to mention abt our reaction paper which we submitted for SRCA ....
we are supposed to write our reactions on learnings and teachings in the class or else where and ...
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since all my friends are telling you about their experiences....mei peeche kyu rahu...
the best thing abt tiss for me- CAMPARTS
.....on weekends we have our dance classes (jazz, hiphop, classical and all that u can ask for):cheerio:
we had a guy from thailand visit us for about half an h...
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u dint dance at all!!!!!!
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edge- NO!!!
we have students from varied background : cabin crew, ngo, engineers, psychology, sociology, journalism, english hons and what not!!
ur graduation will matter only to the extend how much u know about it, tiss obviously is looking for good students :)
current batch is of 60 ...
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Are u a "dangar " ???
Back with updates :p
The hectic period is started at the campus. People good at multi tasking will have all the fun from now onwards ;). We have reached such a position that we are excited when there are no classes on a Sunday :(.
Foundation course classes are simply awesome for different r...
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Be ready for the revolt. I am not going to report to you. Will ask the Student body to make amendments to the constitution so that you will report to me
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