Life @ tiss (straight from our hearts) Life @ B-Schools

Hey folks , here you have a thread to cater to all your queries about the life at TISS as HRM & LR students .
you can shoot a variety of queries like:
1. The hostel accomodation availability and how to go about it.
2. The lovely campus (by the way we have 2 campuses). [smiley]
3. Th...
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ponnu1100 hey please throw some light in to the scope of rural deve.... 03 Feb.
Vcrack Do hostel facility at TISS avaliable for each and every s.... 20 Feb.
B I U Post
Good to see life in this thread once again . Expecting more posts once the sessions begin:p
Hope u would enjoy the DH food for more than few days
we always have a competition to decide what is the vegetable that they cooked for lunch , and most of the times we come out with as many answers ...
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Well, well, well...Finally, the time has come :w00t:
I feel really privileged to be able to post on this thread
Though I have spent just a few days of my life at TISS, I have got a feel of what the next 2 years would be like...My status says it all in a single sentence :-)
I attended my...
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Apologies for posting wrong threads. And, thank you for providing with a wonderful answer. It's a big relief for me.
Enjoy your summers and have a great time. Best o Luck. Btw, a thread where I can post such comments will be of great help from the next time...
Not the right thread for asking queries:nono:. Kindly do not post any queries or comments on this thread as it is exclusively meant to share experiences of being in TISS
Your cousin is ill informed about the courses in TISS . we have 20+ courses in 6 schools (school of management being one of ...
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Am in my last year of graduation, and eyeing on TISS since past 2 years. Will be applying through International Students category. Can i get more views about how tough is it for an international student to get into it? Any international students I contact with?
Also, I have a cousin in XLRI wh...
Anyone from MASE?
How is the life of a MASE student?
What kind of work load is there?
Given that placements have been scrapped, what kind of pressures does one have to deal with?
Yesterday was one of the memorable days in TISS. The final results of the exam are declared and the next batch is gearing up to join the college. Congratulations to all the selected candidates and all the best to all wait list candidates.
It takes few days for the feeling of the result to sink...
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Today is the last day of first year though we are done with exams yesterday , we had a work shop which is a follow up of assesment centre happened at the begining of the semester .
we failed in getting our personal learning journal cancelled and hence supposed to submit it before we leave for ...
Today is one prominent day in the life @ TISS . Its important for more than one reason
It marks the end of first year for us and officially last day for our dear seniors ..
we had celebrated farewell party 2 days back ( in between the exams ) ..today for the first time we (batches of 2010...
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My team won!
P.S. Posting on PG after years!
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I did survive the week but bruised a lot :banghead:
4 days (and nights of course) of studying comp & ben had gone down the drain as mulla bowled over with his paper ..
the fun part is that we spent 3-4 days for 25 marks of Mulla's exam and then did analysis of 35 % weightage carryinng ER as...
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Why OREO biscuits are named so?
what are the number of billion value brands of P&G;?
etc etc,,,,,
these are just some of the questions of 10 rounds of QUIZ@TISS 6th edition held today in TISS by our alumnus Vijayan (1984 batch) and Arun (2007 batch).
its an intense fight all through ...
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hey the photo links are not working...anyways great top hear so much abt tiss...preparing for the gd/pi... lets hope i too post here come june!
Important event in Life at TISS which definetely warrants for a post here..
The hostel allocation
this might be a minor issue for other B schoolers as they stay in hostels from day 1 of college but for Tissians who had to stay outside in our own places for first year , its definetely an eve...
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Things have pretty much heated up in second sem
Just to give a glimpse :
there are 8 projects to be submitted , 1 research proposal and final exams all with in the next 20 days
the fact that these projects carry heavy weightages doesn't help us in any way
The fun part is that our sen...
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The right thread for your queries is: http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/other-exams-xat-iift-irma/77083-tiss-call-getter-discussion-courses.html
I cleared the entrance exam for Globalization & Labour. I am eagarly looking forward towards persuing this masters degree. Worked with TCS for 3.5 years now leaving TCS for this course. Will this course enhance our professional as well as personal skills ?
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The TISS written test results are out. I was on the other side exactly one year back. Don't know how one year has passed so fast. Involved in planning mentoring activities for juniors. Will come up with actual details in a week or so.
Coming to news on campus, Students Union elections are the ...
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Sem 1 is the honey moon period in TISS.. Use to have hell lot of free time . In second sem , free time gone and HELL remained
with 8 HR subjects and the famed mulla and its compensation is keeping every single day busy..
no visits to gym , no roaming around the city , its race against the t...
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After a long time...the same dialogue repeats again, Sem 2 is like living a MBA life at TISS :sneaky:
Some jokes around Compensation subject:
1. The batch is so much obsessed with Compensation subject that the Employee Resourcing professor asked i...
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