Life @ tiss (straight from our hearts) Life @ B-Schools

Hey folks , here you have a thread to cater to all your queries about the life at TISS as HRM & LR students .
you can shoot a variety of queries like:
1. The hostel accomodation availability and how to go about it.
2. The lovely campus (by the way we have 2 campuses). [smiley]
3. Th...
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ponnu1100 hey please throw some light in to the scope of rural deve.... 03 Feb.
Vcrack Do hostel facility at TISS avaliable for each and every s.... 20 Feb.
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Countdown begins for one more official visit to the campus

It was fun visiting the campus for summers.. met my classmates Manoj Chaudary, Anuradha who also came for summers...

Infact me and manoj planned to travel together to campus ( it would have been a sight with representatives from 2 companies coming together for placements) except in the last moment their HR head planned to come along which had played spoilers with our plan...Nevertheless happy the way summers went this year and hope the same show repeats in finals , which is the latest reason for my visit to campus now

Anvesh Chunduri MA ( HRM &LR ) Class of 2013 http://anvesh87.blogspot.in/
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    Though my time in the campus had officially ended , the charm of the campus always pulls u and u always look for a reason to visit the place once again and spend some more time.....But its no longer the same place ....The people has changed ..its an all together new batch who are making the most ...
    Feel immensely blessed to be a part of the Mecca of HR -- The Tata Institute of Social Sciences, HRM & LR Batch of 2013-15. This was one helluva ride! But I am glad it has all come to a beautiful end...and even a new beginning!
    Seniors, can you please tell me whether the summer placement is i...
    phoenix2011 I double roger on it @Akshaya1005 . 22 Sep '13.
    phoenix2011 @Akshaya1005 but its time we make this thread really enr.... 22 Sep '13.
    Still cannot come to terms with the fact that i have become a part of TISS (HRM & LR) .. Never thought that i could secure a place in the Mecca of HR Waiting excitedly to join the sessions.. However didn`t know that the schedule would be so hectic..7 days a week!!!Hope it is not as hectic as it...
    Hi TISSians..I wanted to know the dress code followed by HR girls at TISS..have to shop accordingly ..thanks
    anubhadh @Anchun @Hemanth_Karna. 06 May '13.
    Anchun Nothing specific . As per ur wish . But need to have one .... 11 May '13.
    With today's last formal class room session , two years journey in TISS almost came to an end . Almost because we are yet to submit our master's thesis , write a couple of exams and submit some assignments .....exactly 2 years back , either on march 8th or 9th , i have given my interview at TISS ...
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    i hav got calls for pit and pi and just wanna know if accommodation facility is available in tiss campus.
    Hi All...
    I have gone through most of the posts on this thread and it has helped me a lot to imagine a picture of life at TISS
    But most of this thread's part is focused on HR life at TISS
    As Im interested to know about life for Social Entrepreneurship people at TISS, request you to ple...
    any info about GL course.placements etc.plzzz
    Hii I am in the final year of my engineering and have passion for HR and targeting TISS next year. I want to know the job profiles after placements that people get at TISS. Thanx in advance.
    @Anchun @gdm4u87 I don't see any update from dev study or social e'ship students in this thread.So both these courses and opportunities after completion of course is still mysterious to me.can you please share contact details of students from these courses? Thanks.
    Hi, It's been trying times! They were(and are) the best of times and the worst of times!! Report after report is coming about as to we non-engineers seem to be an unwanted lot in B schools!! Any tips on the cut off? Did very well in the test. Got 87 percentile at XAT, IRMA- 86 , CAT was nev...
    My first post (so to speak :P)
    Most recently, on the 28th of December, 2012, we had an interaction session with Dr Santrupt Misra, who is currently the CEO of Carbon Black industries of Aditya Birla Group and is currently the Group Director of HR in ABG. He is also one of our revered alumni fr...
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    Life had been super hectic off late. before coming to any conclusions on the work load of fourth semester, let me clarify...
    we have our fourth and final fieldwork this semester . having had experience of 3 fieldworks and with 56 fellow classmates completing the same no of fieldworks, we are f...
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    As a semester full of excitement and learning comes to an end, it gives me an opportunity to look back and share my own experiences about life at TISS.On one hand we had Meghmudra, freshers, and the Union elections which turned out to be memorable fun events. On the other hand a lot of seminars a...
    @gdm4u87 Hey Gaurav, really inquisitive to know how the pre-conference session with Dan Buchner went yesterday.Is it possible to share some takeaways from the conference? Would be really helpful. Thanks.
    Attaching an image showing a few details related to the Interrobang event
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    Recently, the Asia-Pacific HR head of CitiBank came for a guest lecture. Gave us an idea about how it is to be working in different geographies and people from different cultures. Interesting insights I must say.We have the ITC-Interrobang event tomorrow and from the description of it, it seems t...
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    Next month, that is, on September 28th and 29th, we are organizing Global Innovation Forum here at TISS. Here are some of the details:
    @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } Renowned experts, practitioners, thought leaders and researchers in the area of Innovat...
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    Yesterday, we had a round table conference discussing the issue of violence and its repercussions at the Manesar plant of Maruti...Esteemed speakers addressed both the batches--the juniors and the seniors...Very good learning experience
    Now you would say we hear about such discussions every n...
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