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Hai Everybody ,
Looking at various threads for other institutes impulsed me to start a thread about SIOM and the activities taking place here [smiley] . After a 5 month of rigorous schedules and the atmosphere , now I hope I can write something about this college and students lifestyle ....
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Prabhodini Stall @ SIOM Campus on Independence day
Organized by SPANDAN TEAM
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Ariseng awesome initiative by spandan team...rocking... :) :) . 07 Sep '13.
Kemo.Ops Thnk u guys !!! :) . 08 Sep '13.
Interaction with Alumini on 'Rang de' a microfinance organization helps farmers
organized by SPANDAN TEAM
Semester time table out..lot of assignments..presentations...pressure is building up..still lot of things to learn..:)
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anim192006 @[332118:sandhya!!] not interesting for sure .. :P . 06 Sep '13.
abhay00121 a hectic too...... 07 Sep '13.
First excel exam done :_) The beginning of a long "excel"lent journey! 40 more marks to go....
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anim192006 haha .. true nakul .. if u know how to play with excel/pp.... 06 Sep '13.
abhay00121 excel is back after a long holiday.... :) . 07 Sep '13.
Few Mock SNAP questions are going to be posted every week in FB page to help aspirants get familiar and better...Please keep visiting the FB page for updates on it..and other tips for SNAP...:) And also stay connected with us on Pagal Guy thread
To all teachers in my engineering...and MBA who makes me the person who i am..:) Celebrated with cake cutting with all professors @siom :)
Follow FB page for more updates..
3 months over at SIOM .. cant believe time passes so fast ..
Anupreeya soo true !! :) . 04 Sep '13.
abhay00121 I wish it to pass faster..... 07 Sep '13.
Earth Hour in SIOM..:) was great success...:)
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abhay00121 Great experience....enjoyed a lot.... :) . 07 Sep '13.
gaurav_madan Fanatstic job done by the E-cell committee of SIOM in cre.... 07 Sep '13.
They say - "Nothing succeeds like success !!! " ...
And this stands so very true for the recently (on 31st August, 2013) organized "HR Summit" at The Leela, Mumbai ...
The details will be unveiled very soon. However, here s a sneak peak into the who's who, who were there ...http://hrsummi...
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raghunandan14 @r4rishi sure :).. @Anupreeya can we watch webinar no.... 01 Sep '13.
Anupreeya @raghunandan14 It is not available as of now. But it wil.... 01 Sep '13.
"Surprise" Events !!Photography Workshop !!
Torch Dance !!Exuberance !!.........EARTH HOUR !!
Everything is happening here at SIOM on 1st September, 2013 - 7 to 8 PM !!!
Where are you ???
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r4rishi will be the 1st time ill be participating in such an even.... 01 Sep '13.
abhay00121 Torch dance was really a must watch show....... 07 Sep '13.
TIME TO JOIN THE REVOLUTION!!!! TIME TO THINK FOR OUR OWN EARTH !!Join SIOM Earth hour, switch off your lights for 60 mins on 1st September 2013, 7 to 8 pm.
vinokpari Thats a great initiative by E-Cell team... An awareness, .... 29 Aug '13.
sid64 Looking for more people who will join hand with us and gi.... 29 Aug '13.
What a day we have tomorrow...Submission of OR Assignment, ME assignment completion and PM Assignment...Best of luck to everyone...
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sid64 but u didn't get extension in ur professional life keep t.... 28 Aug '13.
Anupreeya See we have done it all !! :) :) . 30 Aug '13.
Its gonna be almost 3 months now in a few days since we have joined SIOM...Lets share a few experiences from our side...Anything you want to share...Your best days or some experience which was an eye opener for you.
I am not sure whether this discussion has started or not, if not then lets sh...
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sid64 Good job done cult comm looking for some more fun..... . 26 Aug '13.
Ariseng there is more to come in due course of time... @sid64 . 26 Aug '13.
ATB to the SIOM Table Tennis team !! lets win that trophy !!
anim192006 All t best .. :) . 27 Aug '13.
Having a great time practicing basketball for the USB(University Sports Board) basketball tournament goin to be held at SIU(Symbiosis International University), Pune...
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Vivian_Vignesh ha ha ydis kolaveri guys...:P. 28 Aug '13.
raghunandan14 @Vivian_Vignesh u guys are goin or no ?. 01 Sep '13.
An insightful, value adding and multidimensional FINANCE Converge we had on 24th Aug 2013. Congratulations to the FinCon team and to SIOM for a successful converge !!
anim192006 Very true Aditya .. Hats off to FinCON 2013. 25 Aug '13.
“When rubber meets road all preaches and practices come together” With these inspiring words from the director, Dr. Vandana Sonwaney, SIOM kick started its first ever Converge, “An event where operational excellence met corporate brilliance”.
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Ariseng it was truly amazing and great lectures....very inspiring.... 25 Aug '13.
raghunandan14 @Ariseng never seen u so inspired ;) . 01 Sep '13.
HR Summit 2013- (31st Aug- 6 days to go)
Organizations are as good as their employees. Managing human capital has been a challenge for many organizations, especially during the times when economy is under turmoil. People and processes which manage them ought to be agile to keep pace with the c...