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Hello all pguys I am a first year student at LIBA Chennai this year for the session 2007-09 and I want to share all the experiences and exposure that I have at LIBA so that people who have to apply to LIBA will find it easy to know things about LIBA well in advance before the entrances start.:)
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Harshared Please share some information about part time PGDM. 20 May '13.
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LIBA proudly added a feather to its cap as it hosted its first-ever annual Marketing Conclave 'Mark-IT' on 27th September, 2013. The conclave comprised of several prominent speakers addressing the students on various dimensions of Marketing. The sessions throughout the day served as an opportunit...
Heya! m i d last year of my graduation.. can someone please tell me what's the kind of companies coming around 5lacs package. Please? Can I have a seniors contact number may be?
@PLODDER The part time courses in LIBA are very popular among the corporates in Chennai most of the top notch companies have their employees studying at LIBA the timings suit them and the crowd is ...
powermatrix Will this part time course in LIBA , will be valued if yo.... 23 Jun '13.
powermatrix @Harshared could u plz answer my query plz.. . 23 Jun '13.
Can anyone tell me whether liba is offering full time pgdm progrm in evening.If so, is it worth studying in evening.
Hi puys...needed a bit of help finding the current cultural secratary of LIBA.We have our intercollege festival and i want to send invitations to your college.Can anyone please tell me a contact number or id?
can join LIBA through recommendations?
can join LIBA through recommendations?
can we join LIBA through recommendations?
I have one Q: In any B school, students have 2 choose specialisation when they enter their 2nd year. Do everyone get what they opt for or some have to satisfy themselves with what they are given? I asked this because this decides our future and thought this would be important. What if many studen...
hey gud to see such threads...
could u pl explain me on the admsn procedure for the forthcomin academic yr??
Hi guys!
I'm Luca and I'm an Italian student coming to LIBA for the term starting this month, I'd just like to know from you how is the life in the campus, the city, the country...we think it'll maybe be a littel bit differnt!!!!
we are also wondering about the courses, L'm coming with thre...
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sry..it's 2010-2012 batch in prev post..cudn't find the edit option.
This thread throws much light on the happening life at LIBA..Thanks to you..I have been selected for 20010-12 batch..So,One query..Has any of the seniors in 2009-2011 batch taken up Systems as a specialization..major or minor..?On LIBA's site i could find various combinations of speci...
This thread for the seniors of LIBA and not for aspirants to ask admission queries
Plz divert the same here
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yes, We do have a gym; its a common gym on campus which is shared by all loyola students. not a gr8 1, but it should suffice.:D
the hostel accommodation is gud. 1 student per room & well maintained...
LIBA PGDM 2009-11
hi am doin my final year computer sci engg. in chennai and placed. am interestd in doin MBA preferably LIBA r BIM , so wat majors are more suitable for CS students and also can u elaborate on placement opportunites.
Life @ LIBA certainly seems good by all your posts. Does LIBA have a gym or something ( sorry if am sounding naive but i thought this thread would be the apt one for answering this ).
how is Hostel accommodation?
Hai guyz i hav a doubt regarding the online registration for PGDM in LIBA that is will online registration will be available on 18th jan...coz all the bulletins are over in ims center, so i hav to take DD on 18th only......
i want to know the marks of xat on which i get call from LIBA......