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Hello all pguys I am a first year student at LIBA Chennai this year for the session 2007-09 and I want to share all the experiences and exposure that I have at LIBA so that people who have to apply to LIBA will find it easy to know things about LIBA well in advance before the entrances start.:)
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Harshared Please share some information about part time PGDM. 20 May '13.
B I U Post
It's been exactly a year. A year since I entered into the portals of blissful existence called “LIBA”. The learnings have been immense, and what better way to preserve the memories than writing them? More than a year back, I was this directionless lass – wondering what I wanted to do with life. I...
Dabora sounds wonderfull . 4d.
A marathon case study!

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    Hey..really need ur help on dis....I was working with an IT firm.I had signed a bond for 1 and half years but after my cat results were out, I resigned. I worked there for 4 months. I haven't paid the bond amount which is pretty high so i don't have the relieving letter. I just have my offer ...
    Conjuring or Insidious 2... Neither!
    Here is a short film from our very own LIBAites.. Presented by Edwin rajesh, Enigo Xavier and Bastin Raj - The Dark Mirror.
    Time to grab some popcorn!
    The Dark Mirror YouTube
    KISS and Tell
    How do people perceive an MBA college? Isn't it supposed to be this all encompassing place filled with intellectuals discussing business, the share market, inflation, marketing and all that blah?? (We definitely do all that in varying measure, lest u get the wrong impression! )...
    End Of a Trimester
    If the topic of this post makes u think of a pregnant woman rather than 'Each of the three terms in an academic year' as dictionary.com puts it, you have been watching too many soaps and you need to get a new pastime. Quick Secret: I know coz I thought of the former as soon ...
    An old blog by one of my seniors at his sarcastic best on the Delhi case.. Worth a read
    Vande Mataram
    “I just want to sleep. A coma would be nice. Or amnesia. Anything, just to get rid of this, these thoughts, whispers in my...
    'Independence Day Article Writing Contest' screamed a mailer from the Student Affairs Committee at LIBA a couple of weeks back! And WHAM, I was hooked. So after a looot of deliberation and some major postponing, I got down to writing an article on a prescribed topic. The results just got out and ...
    Love is what makes the world go round!
    By Arathi Anu
    LOVE- this four letter word is more potent than any poison! You accept it or not that's immaterial, it definitely can seep in through all nooks and corners. Love is the fuel of any relationship. It pr...
    LPL - LIBA Premier League:
    Two years ago, some of the students in LIBA wondered why IPL had to be restricted to cricket alone and if it could be extended to the grounds of LIBA. Thus, the brainchild from that thought was LPL – LIBA Premier League. The second version, which was held this year,...
    The God of All things! By Archana Rajkumar
    One of my earliest memories from childhood is that of Dad, Mum, Grand-mum n my brother (Vish) finishing up their chores for the d...
    Guest lecture on Neuromarketing.
    On October 15, 2013 Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai, had a session on neuromarketing by the guest lecturer Mr Sudio Sudarsan who hails from Hault International Business School and is a renewed Strategist, author, and academician.
    It was ...
    Do we really care for the environment?Arathi AnuNov 11, 20130Everywhere around us there are umpteen discussions going on about the environment. Pollution, global warming are some of the words that have become an intrinsic part of our vocabulary. But, do we realize the weight and importance these ...
    The 360 degree club at LIBA is responsible for organizing all the fun activities and yesterday again they came up with a well thought of and well organised event - THE HALLOWEEN PARTY!
    The auditorium where we have the conventional scary events of a B-school like the finance and marketing concl...
    May the joy, cheer,Mirth and merriment Of this divine festival Surround you forever.
    “Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give.”The joy of giving week is a week long "celebration" by the students of LIBA where we visit orphanages, old age homes and spread the joy.
    The week ends with us inviting children from various homes to the college and entertainin...
    If a picture speaks a thousand words then what about a video
    Presenting to you a video by Kolkata Kingpins, the winners of the LIBA premier league(LPL) who have their reasons to say why they are "Proud to be a LIBAite"
    Finance Conclave 2013 - 18th October, 2013:
    The much awaited Finance Conclave 2013 of LIBA was organized on the 18th of October, 2013 at the LIBA Auditorium. The Theme this year was 'India- Will the Empire strike back?' . With the current global economic condition being substandard the theme w...
    Onam Ashamsakal
    Girls clad in creamy white sarees and the guys in the traditional mundu, the pookalam, the sinkari melam would have held anyone captivated. The students at LIBA celebrated Onam on 16th 2013 at the Auditorium. The celebration be...