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Got my PC & net connection a few minutes ago. Life is going on pretty hectic. The place is impressive, will give more details later. Food is okay, havent started receiving the non-veg stuffs till now. Climate also pretty ok. Having a very hectic life with all the course work etc. C u all...
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B I U Post
Here you go. Three months at IIM-A.
Seven Point Someone: After three months at IIM Ahmedabad ...
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Five More Minutes - IIM Ahmedabad - Short Film - YouTube
worth watching
AlchemyOfHeartzs Channel - YouTube
Hi guys,
Now i know y they say its hard to find time in first year at IIM A. Slot-1 is over , with so hectic schedule of everything say it studies or extracurriculars.
I am getting used to the way to classify my needs and then execute them if i get time. Thats another thing that i have not...
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@all. can we stop this petty argument?
@pussy. what value did you add by posting this blog link in this particular thread?
you could have posted it here:-
Chit-Chat / Your Interests - PaGaLGuY.com - The Everything of MBA in India and Abroad, CAT 2011, GMAT, XAT, MAT
or may be here:-
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I'm tired of this argument. That post is not nonsense.
That post compares iima with the best of the world and particularly the PGP programme. It defnitely means something. Go Figure.
Posting again...formatting errors...thanks..
I agree this is not military intelligence website. But this forum has some rules coz everybdy around i not "JOBLESS' and they need to access information correctly and succinctly.
I know that person and that is the reason I say its not credible en...
This is your opinion, which is based on a baseless blog. But you can believe on it, nobody really cares.
Hey dj1, if u claim that post to be useless, why get wary of it.
C'mon, this is not a military intelligence website where links shouldn't be shown and most of information is classified.
Hey, I find this statement pretty contradictory. You claim that you know the writer and he is from iima...
I would also request the moderator to come out of their slumber and stop one more mud-slinging session by unknown sources and claimers.
Let sanity prevail.
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Thanks for the input 'Pussy'. I agree with your opinion, and also with the writer to an extent. I know the writer very well, he is from dorm.
But I feel this is not the right forum to share links. Please go ahead and have a discussion on the appropriate forum. (There are many I am sure)
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Relax Guys...those were not my views. The link provided is from a blog posted by iim a alumnus. The commment given was awesome so i posted it here.
Ain't you makinf the most of your joblessness
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IIMA absolutely sucks. Plz dont think i am from IIMC. Actually for my CAT score, A post from The Madness in the Method The Opinions Blog
As fragile as your deluded and inflated egos may be, I wont hesitate to tell you that its nowhere close to the likes of HK Univ of Science and Tech, NUS,...
Hello everyone,
Here I am to write my experiences of life at WIMWI. Its like dream come true to write on this thread.
So as of now I have spent one week at wimwi it is verygood life here, as we are just in preperatory course, no ultimate pressure of acads yet but going to increase in comin...
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On an intern and that too outside the country, one starts missing WIMWI like hell. Its just a month out of campus and I want to go back. Nothing in the world can replace the vibrant life there.
Few things I miss very much:
1) The kick-as dorm parties and birthday sessions.
2) The group ...
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I would request not to ask questions on this thread. It is to share experiences. Experiences which you will also have and will never forget
There are basketball courts, volleyball courts, 7 or so badminton court, almost equal number of TT tables, 2 snooker & Billiards table, 1 Foosball, 2 GYMs (Air-conditioned in old campus and non-AC in new campus).
Rest all I guess have already been explained in the sports thread in the google ...
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What about the basket ball court and GYM? Gym is commeon for All dorms?
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lol.. lets see how many times you will go to play in first few months :D
just kiddin.. they are under renovation and will be ready by the time you come..
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