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Got my PC & net connection a few minutes ago. Life is going on pretty hectic. The place is impressive, will give more details later. Food is okay, havent started receiving the non-veg stuffs till now. Climate also pretty ok. Having a very hectic life with all the course work etc. C u all...
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Sometimes on a rare free day, you feel like a slice of nostalgia to bring back old memories...and today being such a day...decided to log in to PG after ages. But I am disappointed...that the thread which assumed so much importance to me and a lot of others over 2 years today lies forgotten in the realms of lost links...
Life@iima used to be a window to showcase what we at WIMWI went through..the good and the bad, to put down thoughts which we could later come back to when the world became a closeted corporate jungle and to see how life at our dear school evolved over the years. Unfortunately today I see nothing on this thread...and I leave in sorrow...

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  • MihirDJ And to the hundreds of us,, who dream of being at WIMWI someday, to become a part of it for two whole years,

    This thread was supposed to be a window for us,, to see whats in store for us,, what awaits us there!! THAT, is supposed to motivate us (me atleast) the most; seeing the life @iima , through the eyes of YOU, who are already living our dream!

    Please fellow puys, please you WIMWIans,, WRITE ON THIS THREAD!!!

    Eagerly looking forward to a few responses...
    Sincerely yours,
  • shitiz0124 Gujrat being a dry state...how do the students survive? Just wondering....love beer.
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    Srivatsa Krishna - the topper of the IAS batch of 1994 & a President €™s Gold Medal winner was at @IIM.Ahmedabad yesterday to share his unique experiences with the students and spoke about career opportunities in the IAS, World Bank etc. He's among the Top 100 Global Leaders for Tomorrow at The W...
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    TEDxIIMA 2013 featured four speaker sessions by Prakash Iyer (MD, Kimberly-Clark Lever), Avinash Pant (Marketing head of Nike India), Mehmood Khan (Former head of R&D; innovation at Hindustan Unilever) and Shantanu Prakash (CMD of Educomp Solutions). The unique aspect of the event was a specia...
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    "Be sure to enjoy every minute of your student life at IIM-A. Even if it means the long dreadful hours spent studying for an exam or working on a project or the sleepless nights where the temperature hits above +30 degrees. Make those magic moments with your classmates last. If you cannot see it ...
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    Check out this FB Album: 50 years, 50 photos.
    Might be nostalgic for some alumni and be a journey through the 50 years of IIMA for the rest!
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    sourcecode2803 Motivational! A Must See! . 30 Mar.
    @[167751:jove] Nope the view's still very much here Although the trees have grown a bit too much and blocked out most of it :D
    FYI, Dorms 30-33 have been built right behind D28 & 29.
    BMW? Lol...good one...is this in the field adjoining the new campus classrooms? Ram Bhai would have survived even a hurricane. And Dorm 33!! That means the view from my room D2424 is long gone I guess :(
    Will drop in sometime. Been ages. Thanks for the update :)
    IIM Ahmedabad on Facebook !
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    @[167751:jove] Canteen is same but there is addition of one more food joint Called as BMW(Bhookh Mitane Wala) in the new campus.Dorms are extended to 33.Road outside old campus is under construction due to some fly over work goin on makes it too messy... Ram Bhai is still surviving anyhow...:)Ho...
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    Well, stumbled across the thread on a rare free day....posting for the first time in almost 2 years. Corporate life sure takes its toll on everything else.Feels good to see the thread is till active. Once upon a time this used to be our window to tell the world what happened at WIMWI beyond acads...
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    T-Nite (or Talent Nite) is an inter-section rivalry within IIMA where 6 sections fight it out over 4 days in multiple cultural disciplines to establish their supremacy on campus. It is a long-standing tradition that often triggers fond memories among alums and draws them to the campus to witness ...
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    Ever wondered how to avoid the cold calls in class? Ever wondered how the seniors managed to remain unscathed for a year given the professors' love for catching you unawares? Here's the MakhanC 7C framework to avoid Cold Calls in B-Schools !!
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    Is there anyone from PGPX programs current or past?
    You step out of this place and you start realizing the worth of time you spent here.
    Please keep posting, for us alums this is the best place to stay updated with campus activities.
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    The journey as a fachcha has nearly come to an end, with just a few exams to go.
    From Kanpur Confectionery to Aravind Eye Care - the journey that PGP-1 at IIM-Ahmedabad has been.
    Seven Point Someone: From Kanpur Confectionery to Aravind Eye Care ..
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    Five More Minutes:
    A short movie on Life @ Wimwi :
    Like it if you like it . . .
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    Call me...
    Number in your PM box....
    MDP - management development pragramme.....
    Seven Point Someone: The A to Z of Life at IIM-Ahmedabad
    Blog update. The A to Z of Life at IIM-Ahmedabad.
    Feedback welcome.
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    It all started with that line in the Operations Management Lecture.
    "Shrinivas Sg, your handwriting is the complete opposite of your personality "
    Blog Updated. Do read :-).
    Seven Point Someone: The Preposterous Paunch Predicament
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