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Hey Gimians ..
This is the thread which I always wanted
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B I U Post
Heya! m i d last year of my graduation.. can someone please tell me what's the kind of companies coming around 5lacs package. Please? Can I have a seniors contact number may be?
ashwinshenoy @astha1588 This thread is solely about the Life at GIM. .... 29 Jul '13.
ashishchou0071 All companies will give u more than 5 lakhs but u have ca.... 18 Oct '13.
wats the cmat cut off ? for gim ? can anyone tell me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
flux652 Please refrain from asking doubts on this page ,your que.... 28 Jul '13.
Done with the exams of term three,I was relaxed and feeling free.It was time to shift room and move to bus,But unplanned parties delayed our movement from campus.
Went to off shop, took bottles and glass,While leaving from Goa, never leave consumer surplu...
avinashkrjha good 1 :) . 07 Aug '13.
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Our first month at GIM. Written along with @flux652
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duaji Beautifully written!. 24 Jul '13.
Post #3 God's Own B-School - I had a dream, one beautiful dream
I dreamt it when busy, I dreamt it when free,I dreamt it for us, my parents and me,They helped me through it, they made it easy,I say sorry if you find this much cheesy.
Entering the gates, I was spell-bound and awed,He built i...
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davidwatson1212 super like mate !!!!. 12 Jul '13.
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GIM receives top honors at ABP National B-School Awards 2013 :
Goa Institute of Management has received an award for "B-School with Industry related Curriculum in Marketing” at the recently held ABP NEWS NATIONAL B-SCHOOL AWARDS 2013. A proud moment for all of us.. !!
Sitting at office, some of you guys might be surprised ...but I CAN STILL ACCESS THE GIM AIS - HIBISCUS !!!! This I remember I only used to check the timetables or check the grades...Nothing else. Maybe one visting prof sued to post some assignments over there...But other than that i felt at tha...
The New Session has started. I had that opportunity to chat with most of the students from the new batch. I asked them about their day 1 experiences. Here are some of the replies I got from some of them -
# cnt do much coz f the nvr stopping rains...
# Was a great and a very tiring day inf...
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facebook @mayurnayak84 It will be in the second week of July. Raz.... 28 Jun '13.
jack148 haha. 10 Jul '13.
Rather late, I know, but here is something I wrote a few days ago about my first day at GIM.
Goa welcomed us in on the morning of the 17th with a glorious sunny morning. Three of us came down by car in a beautiful drive down from Bangalore, and had the time of our lives on the way. Ekdum Dil C...
avinashkrjha enjoyed reading it.. :) . 24 Jun '13.
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Before we know we have finished almost a week as GIM students . The view from our hostel room is plainly awesome . After waking up in the morning to see the views , the day just freshens up. Past 1 week has not been hectic but neither have we got lot of free time , orientation sessions , GBM ses...
Welcome to GIM , the batch of 2013 - 2015 Will be eagerly waiting for all the latest updates, action and masti which would unfold in the days to come.. Have fultoo masti , loads of fun and an amazing 2 years ahead ..All the best n Cheers \m/\m/
Dedicated To GIM and my friends to be...
Dost..sale dost..Khatti si sharart mitthi si galiAkele me sannata sath me taaliKfc ka bucket ya Punjab di thaliLadki dekh kahe ye meri waliSadi se skirt wali pe ladteChaddi ya gaddi wale….Sab ke sab dost sale….dost Counter stike se contra takThandi ...
Post #2
So guys and girls, this post is just a trailer of what's in store for me @ GIM for the next two beautiful years. I haven't reached Goa yet. The joining date is 17th June, coming monday. Life is changing. Goa is coming(Sorry for the Game of Thrones Pun )But I would like to sum up journ...
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mayurnayak84 Amazing dude.... Enjoy the next 2 years of your life @God.... 17 Jun '13.
duaji Coming back with another post :) . 11 Jul '13.
Journey to GIM summed up by a girl joining GIM this year. Good one.
I dreamt of a dream
To be a part of GIM
The chances to me seemed so slim
And my eyes were filled to brim….
The preparation for it was pretty hectic
No room mattered, whether it was bedroom or in the attic,...
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vipulchaturvedi @avinashkrjha i pray to might Gods for that :mg: . 13 Jun '13.
Manojrave LOL@sumatikavi .. 13 Jun '13.
Hey folks,
Good to see posts from juniors and some from the students of 13-15 batch as well even before they have joined the college..
I am sure that all of them are quite excited for the new beginning. And this is what 12-14 guys are planning for them..
It's def going to be fun for al...
mayurnayak84 This is something nice :D We did not have any offical o.... 17 Jun '13.
I read so many posts on this thread.. its wonderful to see that GIM is loved by everyone alike.. but none of the posts could describe their Life@GIM in its entirety. I don't even think it's possible! You get to see 10 new things every single day.. with 100 same old! Some things are a part of your...
I Miss GIM
So my parents used to call me everyday after they left me at GIM.. Dad used to say, "You know you can leave the college and come back home anytime you want to, right? And I would reply, "Yes Dad, of course, anytime!!" And Mom.. Mom would be all concerned .. asking if I was facin...
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pinkat @avinashkrjha Yay :), @mayurnayak84 Hey.. Thanks.. :D . 04 Jun '13.
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Life @ GIM (Goa Institute of Management) Wins "The Best Life at B-School Thread" Award.. The Award comes back to GIM after 6 long years..
It would not have been possible without the efforts of students from 2011-13 Batch, 2012-14 Batch , Mayur Sir (@mayurnayak84 ) , Snape Sir (@severus_snape...
koolkalyani June 17th will be inaugurating this page with a events of.... 03 Jun '13.
mayurnayak84 Kudos to everyone :) I am sure just going through this .... 04 Jun '13.
Only a few days left before internship gets over and we head off to yet another amazing year of GIM life. Meanwhile I got the opportunity to attend the Summer Alumni meet in Delhi. I know why so many alumni come to these meets year after year. It gives them the opportunity to reflect upon probabl...
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avinashkrjha @facebook Which hostel did you get? . 05 Jun '13.
facebook @avinashkrjha Mandwa it is... 17 Jun '13.
My first experience related to GIM
This is life prior to joining GIM campus. The journey began on December 31st ,my friend notified me that it was the last day for submitting domicile certificates and he was going to submit his sisters domicile form . My parents were supposed to go to my aun...
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flux652 Thanks bro :) .. 30 May '13.
mayurnayak84 All the best dude :), these will be the best days of ur l.... 04 Jun '13.